Blondie! How I Dyed My Hair Extensions

Blondie! How I Dyed My Hair Extensions


Bad Ombre Job I’ve mentioned a few times that I wanted to go lighter in hair color this summer.  I loved the original rich, natural black color of my Perfect Locks extensions so I decided to rock it “as is” for a few weeks.  It matched my real hair perfectly!  Then I started to get a boredom itch so I knew it was time to try my hand at coloring.  I had SO MANY reservations on the best approach to dye my hair extensions/weave.  I have seen some pretty awful dye jobs on both YouTubers and celebrities alike where their blonde looks more like a brassy orange or unnatural yellow.  That was my worst fear because I knew it would be very hard to correct!  So, I decided to avoid using peroxide directly and try to lighten the hair in stages using permanent hair color.

Honestly this wasn’t quite as difficult as I imagined but I do think it would be much easier to color the hair before installing or purchase colored hair (most vendors supply colored extensions as well as virgin hair).  However, in my case, I wanted the option to be able to wear black hair, go light and even dye it back dark again if I wanted therefore I had to color the hair after it was installed.  This process required my intense concentration so I didn’t even attempt to record a video.

Here are the tools I used:  a small whisk to mix the color and developer, divided color mixing bowl, color applicator brush, hair clips, two towels I cared nothing about, applicator bottle, plastic gloves, plastic cloak, plastic bags and of course the color and developer.  Every single thing I used can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply.  Now onto how to dye hair extensions yourself, step by step.

    • Protection! I placed two large garbage bags on my bathroom floor to protect it and make clean up easier, plastic grocery store bags on my toilet seat where I sat the color, plastic gloves to protect my hands (and fresh manicure!), and plastic cloak to protect my body!

Dye Hair Extensions at Home

        • Mix. I used three different colors/combinations of “blonde.”  I chose to do it this way to ensure my color would be multi-dimensional and not flat.  Also, because I have black leave out that would not be coloring, I had to dye the extensions in a way that would look natural and blend well with black hair on top.  For all color mixtures I used level 30 creme developer.  Because I wanted it to go from a chocolate brown in the back to moderately blonde in the front, I used Wella Medium Blonde in two different ways – in an applicator bottle I mixed it in a 1:1 ratio; I used two ounces of color with two ounces of developer.  This is the darkest color I used.  For the middle brown I used the same Wella Medium Blonde color mixed with two parts developer (4 ounces).  And then for a few light blonde streaks I used Wella Light Blonde also mixed in a 1:2 ratio.  When you mix the color, allow it to sit for a few minutes to “activate”.  You will see the color turn to a darker shade, more like the color indicated on the box.
        • Apply.  I sectioned my hair into four quadrants.  Within each quadrant I worked in small areas to apply the color.  For the back two sections I squeezed the chocolate brown color onto the hair using the color applicator bottle.  This honestly was the easiest way to do it.  As I saturated each section, I kept it off my body by wrapping it in aluminum foil, which also helps the color process.  For the front two quadrants I used the lighter brown color most with a few streaks of light blonde applied using the applicator brush and distributed with my fingers.  With each section I left about 2-3″ of the roots natural/black.

Dye Hair Extensions at Home

      • Process.  After all of the hair was wrapped in foil I sat under my hooded dryer for about 15 minutes.  I wanted to sit longer but as the foil heated, it became uncomfortable because it was hard to keep it from burning my skin.  I checked the hair after about an hour and it hadn’t lightened to my liking so I ended up leaving it on for TWO hours.  It’s just weave so no worries.
      • Rinse & Shampoo.  I removed the foil and rinsed the hair thoroughly in the sink.  I didn’t want to risk rinsing in the shower and having any of the color reach my real hair beneath!  I shampooed three times using Shimmer Lights which helps tone and correct any brassiness.  The colors blended perfectly and when flat ironed straight, have the appearance of hi-lites and lo-lites which is exactly what I wanted.

Dye Hair Extensions at Home

      • Conditioned.  I conditioned using a new favorite, Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm, which I’ve been loving on my leave out and weave.  I allowed the hair to dry a bit with the conditioner in and then braided it into four large jumbo braids, covered with a plastic cap and bonnet and went to bed.   The next morning I unbraided and rolled out!

The final result is a somewhat ombre look;  I’m not too much a fan of this trend but it’s perfect if you want a bit of color when wearing a weave with leave out because the transition from your natural black to the lighter shade(s) looks intentional.  I love the level of blonde of my results although in certain light it does lean a little more auburn than blonde than I would like.  What do you guys think?!

Dye Hair Extensions at Home
Purple Flexirods Overnight


  • Louise

    wow, im not just saying this but girl your face looks slimmer! and your skin is glowing! keep it up! btw love the colour on you!

    • Thank you SO much, I really appreciate the compliments!!!! 😀

  • S.O.S Hair
  • Lesley Buckle

    I love this on you. The blonde works really well with the darker hair colour, and it’s not brassy at all. Gorgeous results x

  • Makeya

    Your face looks very slim. Love the hair too

    • Wow, I’m telling you when I saw this comment originally…it made my day. I’m working SO hard to drop this extra weight! 😀

  • Robyn

    The colour looks very nice! I’m not a huge fan of the ombre trend either, but the way you did definitely works. By the way, you look so CUTE in the pic where you still have the foil in.

  • Very pretty!

  • Nada

    Ebony, your hair looks amazing and thank you so much for all of the information. I have read basically your entire site. I was trying to decide on lace front or sew in. I am going to try the sew in. What length is that you have in now? I don’t want to go too long, just arm pit length very very new at this…

    • Thank you Nada, and I’m sorry for the delayed reply. The length of the hair is 18 and 16 inches – when worn curly it shrinks about 1-1.5 inches. Hope that helps and good luck with your sew in, I love the ease and length retention from them!

  • Jocey

    I REALLY love the color! I’m very partial to auburn anyway so it truly appeals to me. How do you care for the hair that you leave out so as to keep it from being damaged while the rest is in a weave? Keeping the left out hair healthy has always been a challenge when wearing a straight weave – even though I’m relaxed/texlaxed. I find that I have to use heat more than I would like to. Advice? Thanks!

    • Thank you! To answer your question NORMALLY I rollerset my leave out to straighten. However this summer with the two installs I had, I broke my own rules and applied heat WAY too often…I’m certain that when I relax my hair this week, I’ll see the evidence of that. That is why I am going to try wearing a few lace and full wigs over sew ins for a while to give ALL of my hair a break.

      I have a post/tutorial on how I rollerset my leave out though, I most times this is the method I follow:

  • Qwerty Asdf

    I’ve been searching high and low for an article like this!! Awesome – thank you so much.

    I’ve watched so many youtube videos but didn’t like what i saw ie. i do not want to use peroxide!!

    I recently tried Dark & Lovely and the color just didn’t stick. I’ll be trying again with your suggestions: Wella Hair color.
    My weave is not installed yet – so will definitely do it this week before I install over the weekend.
    Plain black is boring and time to switch it up!!