Wash Day: Flexi Rod Set…Finally!

Wash Day: Flexi Rod Set…Finally!

flexi rod set on natural hair

I refuse to be one of those healthy hair journeyers who does less and less with their hair as they grow; I am soooo not an airdry and bun kinda girl despite what I’ve become lately, lol!  The whole point (for me) of growing my hair is to enjoy it…so by golly I’m gonna!  I asked via the L4L Facebook page what I should do to my hair this week and my a slim margin, a flexi rod set was most requested.

how to do a flexi rod set

I shampooed with Giovanni Smooth as Silk and deep conditioned with Vatika Naturals Virgin Olive Deep Conditioning Hair Mask (review forthcoming).  Then using my seamless combs from Hercules Sageman, I detangled my hair and created four sections.  Before rolling I wet each section with water and applied 1-2 pumps of Jane Carter Wrap n’ Roll.  The key to a natural looking flexi rod set is using two different size rods (I used 10 grey and 15 purple rods) and rolling randomly in opposite directions; this keeps the curls separated and fluffed rather than recoiling on themselves after separating.  I sat under my Pebco hooded dryer for 45 minutes then air dried while painting my nails – by time my nails were dry so was my hair.  Another tip to avoid frizziness is to untwirl the flexirods rather than unroll (demonstrated in the video below).  Once all the rods have been removed, apply a few drops an oil or serum (I used Optimum Care Miracle 6-in-1 Oil, see my review here) on your fingertips then separate the curls to your liking and fluff.

flexi rod set relaxed hair
Great choice ladies, I ♡ it!

For your viewing pleasure, I recorded a VERY brief tutorial…I rolled in much larger sections then I normally do, which made this flexi rod set super quick and easy.  And, I fell in love with my dryer all over again this week…so excited to be gifting one of you with your own dryer soon!

I feel like I got my mojo back this week…feeling cute with my curly ‘do!  If you need more tips to perfect your own flexi rod set, check out this previous tutorial I posted.

flexi rod set on natural hair

FAQs: How long do the curls last? How do you sleep on them?

Check out How to Preserve a Flexi Rod Set

  • Loooovely!! I always love your flexi rod set results!

    • Thanks!!! I am soooo looking forward to seeing you do one!

  • Jasmyn Scott

    This is really cute on you! It makes me want to work on my sets lol

  • Rukiyat Gilbert

    So lovely!

  • very cute.

  • rrgrice

    Very cute!!!!

  • ghanaianemprezz


  • Loving this look! I want to do a flexi-rod set on my hair for my birthday at the end of this month so your video is right on time. And I just got a new bag full of flexi-rods from my auntie. I’m so on this. Thanks Ebony!

  • Candice

    This looks great 🙂

  • Tonkabelle

    The curls came out very well and I like how you took us through the steps. Fab hair!

  • Martine

    Just wondering, but how come you didn’t put a leave-in conditioner before you used Jane Carter’s Wrap and Roll?

    Besides that, it looks great! Thank you for your help!

  • Samantha

    I love the hairstyle and since I’m always trying to find new styles on my own hair journey I thank you for sharing all your good tips. So I thought I share one I found out how to do beautiful curls w/o heat or a instrument, it called band curls Idk if you heard of it but you should look it up on youtube. I did a style with the band curls I did a flat twist in the front and band curl the sides and then pin them to the back. Hope that gives others a style to do when they want to wear there in curls or down! Thanks for the blog glad u found it!