How to Install a Lace Closure – Tips for Newbies!

How to Install a Lace Closure – Tips for Newbies!

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how to install a lace closureNot everyone is familiar with closures or has even heard of them, so this post will start at the very beginning and include a video tutorial on how to install a lace closure – specifically with newbies in mind, because I’m a newbie myself and had to do quite a bit of research before diving in!

Lace closures – or simply closures – are special hair pieces in which individual hair strands are tied onto a piece of lace.  The lace may be either beige or dark brown.  Closures are sold in various sizes, most commonly three inches wide by four inches deep.  The purpose of a closure is to allow the wearer to have a full sew in (or wig) with none of their hair left out but still have the flexibility of being able to wear a part with the appearance of scalp showing.  This is the exact same technology as a lace front or lace wig.  When the closure is attached to your braided hair (or wig) you are able to part the closure in any direction.

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Because the strands of hair are hand tied onto the lace, knots are created at the base of the lace.  In more expensive closures, like the one pictured from Perfect Locks, the knots are bleached so they are essentially invisible. However, on less expensive closures like the one I purchased – the knots were visible so I had to bleach them myself (demonstrated in the video tutorial below).

A better example of a lace closure:

how to install a lace closure

Also, some closures have a plastic or cloth binding on the outside like Perfect Locks while others simply have excess lace.  The purpose is so the lace is not torn after repeated wearing (washing/styling).  The video below takes you step by step how to install a lace closure, along with the tips I learned along the way that I found most helpful.

Once you have bleached the knots, if necessary, you should thin the hair line using tweezers so it is not the same amount of density all the way to the end.  Your real hairline tapers naturally so you don’t want the edge of your closure to have the same density of hair all the way to the edge and then end abruptly – that gives a very unnatural appearance.  I thinned it by randomly tweezing strands of hair out of the closure as you saw in the video.

How to Install a Lace Closure
An example of a less expensive closure without binding around the edge.

Next, there are a few ways you can choose to go next.  If you want a permanent part, you can create a line with a rattail comb and even tweeze some of the hair along the part to widen it just a bit.  Do this only if you are planning to wear your part in the same position for the life of your closure.  The next step is to braid your real hair in a pattern that has the same part in the same position you plan to wear.  When you apply the closure, align it directly with your part so your natural scalp shows through the lace.  Some ladies also add concealer along the part or foundation that matches their skin to help conceal any knots that may not be totally bleached.

How to Install a Lace Closure

I personally wanted a bit more flexibility with my closure and didn’t want to commit to wearing my part in one straight line.  I may want an angle or a finger-parted look depending on my mood.  So, to achieve this, you have two options.   I decided to wear a wig cap that is very close to my skin tone.  Most beauty supply stores have three tones of caps available:  light, brown and dark.  If none of these are even close to your skin, go old school and make a stocking cap out of pantyhose that matches your skin.

Now, this only works if you are wearing your closure on a wig and will be taking it on and off.  If you are wearing a sew in rather than a wig, sew the nylon to the closure before applying it to your braided base.  This way the pantyhose will still show through the lace.

I know it would have been a bit more helpful if I had demonstrated how to install a lace closure actually using each of these methods, but obviously that was not practical.  I hope the video and provided links will help fill in any gaps this post may have left.  If you have any questions at all, drop it down below and I will happily answer!  A big thank you to L4L reader Sebrina who gave me SEVERAL tips on how to install a lace closure that I used and included, thanks SO much girlie!

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