How to Maintain Senegalese Twists | Moisturizing and Sealing

How to Maintain Senegalese Twists | Moisturizing and Sealing


Many of you have already worn this style and may have additional tips on how to maintain Senegalese twists, this is just the method *I* follow for all my long-term protective styles (braids, twists and weaves).  The great thing about this style is it requires very little maintenance to keep looking nice.  All you need is a spray moisturizer, an oil to seal and a satin scarf.  An extra item would be the Luxe Therapy Scalp Soother (reviewed previously) which is fantastic for relieving itchiness without disturbing the style.

How to Maintain Senegalese Twists - Longing 4 Length
My Protective Styling Essentials!

I have already reviewed and raved about both the Jane Carter Moisture Mist and Seal & Shine which are fantastic for quickly and easily moisturizing and sealing our hair, particularly while wearing protective styles like Senegalese twists.  What I like most about these products is how well they work for both my new growth and relaxed length.  I spray throughout my hair and scalp, making sure to not only apply product to the outer braids but also tend to the middle of my hair, edges and nape.  Check out my quick video demonstration below:

The scalp soother is an amazing tool that not only is good for itchiness but also exfoliating and stimulating blood flow to the scalp.  However, because Senegalese twists are normally rather tight when freshly installed, wait at least two weeks before you try to use the scalp soother tool.

Like I said, I’m sure some of you have additional tips on how to maintain Senegalese twists so please leave a comment below with any additional tips that work well for you.  I’ll also be checking out Kendra’s blog, Healthy Hair by Special K, for her previously shared series of posts on how she maintained her twists because she had great retention.


  • Very useful video since I’ll be installing braids/ twists soon. Thanx 😉

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