Weaveology: How to Moisturize Your Hair Under Weave

Weaveology: How to Moisturize Your Hair Under Weave


Aside from ‘How to Wash Your Weave’ how to moisturize your hair under weave is the second most highly requested weave maintenance video/post I have received.  There are a few ways in which you can moisturize your hair under weave but I’ve settled on this method and in the video tutorial, I explain why.

I use natural ingredient, water based moisturizers because they cause less buildup than synthetic ingredients.  Therefore I won’t cause my scalp to itch as quickly or as badly due to product buildup.  Also, I prefer to use spray moisturizers because they are easier to apply.  You can also use your favorite moisturizer in a nozzle tip applicator bottle and apply the same way you would your shampoo & conditioner, but I have found that this dispenses much more product than necessary, which is why I now use the sprays.

When I say ‘natural ingredient, water based’ moisturizing spray – I mean anything from a leave in conditioner to a homemade spritz.  In the summer, I like Bee Mine Juicy Spritz and in the winter (now) I prefer Jane Carter Revitilizing Leave In

There are several products on the market that would be good that are available both online and locally at your stores for example, Giovanni VitaPro Fusion, or you can make your own spritz by mixing water with your favorite conditioner and/or vegetable glycerin.  It depends on your preference and hair needs.  Below is my video tutorial so you have a visual demonstration on how to moisturize your hair under weave:

It is always difficult for me to film with my back facing the camera because I never know if I am completely in the frame and if the lighting allows you to see what I am doing.  I’m not sure how great my demonstration is, but hopefully you found it helpful.  If you have any questions leave it in the comments below and as usual I will happily get back to you!