How I Give Myself a Pedicure at Home

How I Give Myself a Pedicure at Home


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It is still summer so I’m still rocking sandals and cute feet!!!  I normally do my own pedicure at home for a few reasons: it saves money, I’m able to do it while multitasking (usually deep conditioning my hair) and most importantly I avoid the risk of infection from not-so-sanitary salons.  I know you have looked at your manicurist with a raised brow when they simply “washed” the foot basin with only water and invited you to stick your feet in!  Ewwwww!  *You mean you aren’t going to sanitize that?! I’m outta here!*  Call me paranoid but I am just more comfortable using my own tools and equipment at home.  So, for those interested, here is how I give myself a pedicure, including several of my previously mentioned MUST have pedicure products!

1) Cut, file and shape nails.  I perform this step before soaking my feet because this is when my nails are strongest and less pliable, making filing easier and shaping them more precise

2) Soak feet.  I use Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and warm water to clean and disinfect my toes and I normally soak for about 15 minutes.

3) Exfoliate.  I use my beloved Ped Egg to buff away dead skin and callouses.

4) Cuticle Removal.  I apply a cuticle remover for 30 seconds then push them back with an orange stick.  Not shown in the video is using a cuticle nipper to snip away thickened cuticles from around the toenail.  I’m careful not to overdo this step though because removing too much skin around the nail will leave you prone to infection.

5) Buff Toe Nails.  Use a buffer to smooth nails and prepare them for the polish.

6) Apply Foot Treatment.  This is the step that makes all the difference in smooth feet and a lasting pedicure!  I love the Suddenly Smooth Intensive Foot Treatment!!!  They are sold individually in packets along with the disposable treatment booties.  I’m telling you they only cost a couple of dollars and will transform your feet!

7) Moisturize. I like using whipped shea butter to moisturize my feet and apply gel heel booties to help it penetrate deeper into my skin.  I like these heel sleeves because they leave my toes exposed for me to continue with the rest of my pedicure.

8) Paint Toes.  Before applying any polish thoroughly wipe each nail with polish remover, otherwise any leftover product or oil will shorten the life of your pedicure.  I am obsessed with the Pedi-Couture sandals which have built in toe separators, making it very easy to paint your toe nails but still move around afterwards without messing up your paint job!  On the occassion that I do visit the nail salon, I take these sandals with me and I’m always asked where I got them!  Must have ladies!!!

Hopefully watching me give myself a pedicure at home helped you discover some new great products!

Thanks for reading!

  • Li

    Have you Ever gone to these salons with fish that eat your dead skin? You lower your feet into a fish tank with fish and they eat all hard and loose skin. Great experience. Very gentle!

    • NO! That sounds scary! But now that I think about it, I have seen it on TV before. Iono. Still sounds scary! lol

  • Lovely! I need to do one of these myself this weekend!

    • Yes girl! I swear it keeps my tootsies cute and soft for weeks. Sometimes I slip the gel sleeves (or even the full booties) at night for extra softening in between.