Weaveology: How to Roller Set Your Weave

Weaveology: How to Roller Set Your Weave


One of my BIGGEST pet peeves with women who wear weave, whether all the time or infrequently, is when the area of hair referred to as the ‘leave out’ (real hair that is left out and loose in order to cover the tracks of the weave) is abused and damaged.  Whether constantly flat ironing, crimping or curling – using direct heat every day or even multiple times per week to “blend” into the extensions better is a surefire way for that hair to begin to break.  When you take out your weave, you (should) have retained a couple of inches or more around the rest of your hair but your leave out is left short and damaged.  So unnecessary.

The best way to truly take advantage of a sew in as a protective style for hair health and length retention is to avoid direct heat altogether.  Instead try rollersetting (or rod setting) your leave out to help it to match the texture and curl pattern of the weave.  If you use mesh rollers (plastic or wire) your hair will hair dry quickly and because it is such a small section of hair, sleeping in the rollers is comfortable and easy if by chance it does not dry completely.  If you have a professional dryer like my beloved Pebco, drying will be fast and easy.  In the video you can see that I only sat under the dryer for about 15 minutes and although the extensions were still damp, they had enough shape for me to pin curl overnight and the resulting style was gorgeous and didn’t require heat on either the weave OR my hair!  Enjoy my tutorial on how to roller set your weave below and as always, if you have any questions I will try my best to give you a helpful answer! 

  • HairIAm_Shika

    Ugh! I am SO guilty of using heat on my leave-out to blend. My “excuse” is that I’m 29 weeks post… although rolling and THEN flat ironing the leave-out is much better than blow frying AND flat ironing…

    • LOL @ your comment confessional! Girl, I am paranoid about damaging my leave out so I will at the very least airdry then flat iron if I don’t set it.

  • Natara

    What about if there is no curl pattern and the hair is just straight would you still just roller set? Weave rookie here haha