How to Save a Busted Braidout

How to Save a Busted Braidout

EbonyCPrincess Braidout Collage
Perfecting a braid out – or any ‘out’ style for that matter, twist out, bantu knot out – can be difficult and most of all unpredictable.  I’ve gotten my perfect method down, how many braids for a certain look, which products work best, etc. but still certain braid outs come out great while others leave me looking frantic in the mirror.  All kinds of things can go wrong even when you DO know how to get a great braidout and for those who are just beginning to experiment with the look, you are in the midst of the frustration of trying to figure out your perfect formula.  There are two major issues when it comes to a good versus bad braidout, here are tips on how to solve both:

Problem #1 Your hair did not completely dry.
For those who do braidouts on damp or wet hair, drying completely (like with rollersets) is essential for getting the look right.  But there are times we head to bed knowing our hair is gonna be too cute in the morning only to get damp, limp looking hair!  If you get up early enough to note the braids are still wet, sit under your hooded dryer for 15 minutes or so to help it dry and set.  This is never me, I hardly have even two minutes to spare in the mornings let alone 15!  Another option is to use a diffuser, which is made to dry curly hair.  It can help your hair to dry without causing frizz and even make your braidout look more natural, especially if you ARE natural.

Problem #2  The waves/curls just don’t look right.
Try an updo.  Clip it up, curl it up, pin it up.  Textured hair makes some of the cutest updos in my opinion!  Here are a few videos of different braidout updo styles I have done, one especially for the braid/twist out that didn’t turn out right:

Other video tutorials:
Hopefully you’ve found these tips helpful!  Happy braid-(out)-ing!
  • Cute style ideas! Sometimes my twist-outs and bantu-knot outs come out looking jacked up lol. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  • I literally just did a braid out last night. I wore it out today for work. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. It just never looks nice like others braidouts. I’ll try the styles you have featured to save me from washing it out.

  • Great tips! Updo’s ALWAYS save the day for me when my twist/braid outs aren’t what I expected them to be!

  • I had a busted looking bantu knot out this morning. I proceeded to faux hawk my hair & put on some bright orange lip stick. WIN

  • Yeah, I’ve been victim to the failed braid-out… most of the time I just rock it anyway and then bun until my next wash day

  • Sdestra HairJourney

    I love the title “Busted Braid Out”…LOL…great video hun!

  • I ALWAYS seem to have a ‘busted braidout’ and I agree that turning it into an updo can look really cute!