Weaveology: How to Take Down Your Weave

Weaveology: How to Take Down Your Weave


I’ve had a few requests to demonstrate and explain how to take DOWN your weave so that it is painless and does not cause any breakage, which is a great request!  If you are an experienced weave or braid wearer than more than likely you have had at least one disaster – I haven’t had to cut out a knot since I was a little girl, but I have had tangles that became so knotted that detangling caused a lot of breakage.  I attribute my thin ends setback of last year being partly due to this.  Well, I immediately realized my mistakes and vowed never to do them again.  You can absolutely take down your weave without a lot of drama and retain all of the growth you had while wearing it.

how to take down your weave

Tips on How to Take Down Your Weave

  1. Begin by cutting the thread from the tracks carefully.  Make sure you remove as many of the knots and as much of the thread from your hair as possible.  Having strings and thread knots left in your hair when you wash your hair is a quick way to cause an issue.
  2. Once you have removed all of the extensions (and net if applicable) from your hair, apply an oil generously to your hair.  NEVER apply any water or water based product at this point.  Water will cause your hair to shrivel, shrink and constrict making it difficult to unravel the braids and remove shed hair that has been trapped for the past several weeks.  Also your hair is in its weakest state while wet, so the manipulation of unbraiding and removing any thread and/or tangles make cause breakage to wet hair.  I used grapeseed oil, but use the oil (or oil product) of your choice according to what YOUR hair likes best!
  3. After your hair has been saturated with oil, use your fingers to unbraid the cornrows slowly and carefully.  Bring your fingers all the way to the tips of your hair to make sure it has been completely unwound.  Be sure to start at the very roots of your hair to get ALL of the hair unbraided.  As you work, pull your fingers through to remove shed hair.  Your hair should be slippery from all of the oil you’ve applied to i; if it isn’t you haven’t added enough oil.
  4. Working in sections, once you have an area of hair unbraided,  finger comb it slowly and thoroughly.  Feel for any areas of braids you may have missed and any leftover thread.
  5. Follow up your finger combing with a seamless wide tooth comb, you will see in the demonstration below that after lubricating my hair with the grapeseed oil and finger combing, I was able to comb from root to tip without any snags or knots.
  6. Twist or braid each section when you are finished with it to keep it separate from the other areas of hair.
  7. Repeat this process all over your entire head.

I gave these tips and a few more in the videos below where you can watch exactly how to take down your weave.

Let me know if I didn’t show something clearly enough or didn’t explain something in enough detail for you.