Wash Day Routine | Transitioning Hair & Relaxer Stretchers

Wash Day Routine | Transitioning Hair & Relaxer Stretchers


It took me a while to perfect my wash day routine over the course of my transition.  I started washing in sections fairly early on, but there are several other simple tweaks that help my wash days roll smoothly nowadays.

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Visualizations are usually better for “how-to” posts so I filmed my last wash day to demonstrate how to wash transitioning hair, and these tips work really well for relaxer stretching as well.  The video is filled with tips and explanations in addition to a step-by-step tutorial.

How to Wash Transitioning Hair:

  1. Finger comb to detangle and remove shed hair.
  2. Apply warm EVCO to prepoo.
  3. Separate hair into four quadrants.
  4. Detangle using wide tooth comb in small sections within each quadrant.
  5. Twist each section to the line of demarcation and leave relaxed ends loose; clip section up.
  6. Apply shampoo in downward motions to each quadrant; separate into smaller sections and apply shampoo to scalp.  It is important to make sure product is applied to scalp and hair (see video!).
  7. Rinse thoroughly – separate hair to scalp to make sure product is being rinsed.
  8. Apply conditioner in small sections to both top and bottom of hair, smooth from root to tip.
  9. Deep condition with heat for at least 15 minutes and rinse.
  10. Blow dry (optional) then style.

I have to say, I used all Bee Mine Products for this wash day and I absolutely LOVED the way my hair felt.  More importantly, the week AFTER washing my hair felt like liquid silk.  I will talk more on this later after using them a bit more, but my hair hasn’t felt THIS good in months, even with all my transitioning hair staples!

Oh, and in case you missed it – check out this chic updo tutorial.

  • I need to look over your video before I start asking questions. I will do that later though. I love the detailed steps you’ve provided. I never thought about clipping the hair at the line of demarcation.

    • It makes ALL the difference!!!! In the beginning I would twist all the way down the end of my hair but I’d always end up with tangles….once I started clipping at the demarcation line, it was so much easier! I wish I recorded this when I had more relaxed hair left but doing everything in the sections the way I show has made the last few months so much easier.

  • Such a detailed wash day experience. I love this post.

  • Kay’s Ways

    The steps sound great, I added the vid to my Watch Later list, definitely will be checking it out, love the updo though!

  • Mallory

    Thank you for this – do you mind sharing which Bee Mine products you used? Thank you.

  • I finally got around to watching the vid & left you a comment over on YT! I also inboxed you on FB too.