Huetiful Steamer Review UPDATE

Huetiful Steamer Review UPDATE


If you follow me via social media then you’ve seen me tweet and Instagram about my malfunctioning unit and I promised I’d give an update to my original Huetiful Steamer review.  Thanks to my dutiful blogging, I was able to search thru the L4L archives to find exactly when I received and began using my Huetiful Steamer, which was the week of 4/22/2012.  I’ve used it weekly since then, missing only maybe two weeks total and on 9/29/2012 – about 5 months later – it was no longer working properly.  Basically the heating element still works to boil the water but the steam escapes straight out of the resevoir instead of being directed through the plastic tube into the hood area.  I recorded a video so you can see exactly what I mean:

If you look at either my original review or ANYONE else’s review on a steamer, you can clearly see heavy steam within and coming out from the hood, in my video the hood was barely steamed at all and my hair felt nothing.  As I stated in the video, I attempted to contact them (twice) to see if there were any troubleshooting steps I could follow or at the very least if there was maintenance I should have been doing along the way just in case someone else was considering purchasing this unit.  Per usual, I never received a response; which honestly is the most saddening part of this whole ordeal.  If they won’t respond to those who THEY contacted to review their products in the hopes that we help promote their merchandise, then what can a paying customer expect?  I wish Huetiful all the best in their business endeavors, however I will not be purchasing a new unit from this company.  However, as you know I love the benefits of steaming so I will be buying a new unit from another, less expensive company.  I will keep you updated, of course!

  • Erratic Assassin

    Did you call, email, or both? My cup had started to get white spots on it that I couldn’t remove and I emailed them about it and received a response the next day. They sent me a new cup a few days later. Not the same level of problem but I did receive a speedy response and I purchased it because I saw that others had good customer service experiences even though they had problems with it that would have otherwise been a dealbreaker for me.

    • I wonder why they treated me like a step-child then! I called and emailed multiple times, both when I received the steamer to get a couple of answers and when it stopped working (twice). *shrugs* It may just be me and my unit, not everybody has had the same issues.

      • darmstrong

        Had my steamer for 2 years and it stays on for 5 minutes and keep shutting off. I know they wont help me if I had it 2 years. I paid 120.00.

  • Thanks for the update. I planned of purchashing the one from Amazon because it was cheaper and the quality is comparable to the heutiful.

    • Me too! I miss my steamer already, lol! Let’s save a few $!

  • jenijen

    So sorry your steamer broke and the lack of response from Huetiful!! That’s a shame, especially, as you said, they reached out to you in hopes of garnering support for their product. When issues arise or even good customer service from the very beginning of a salewill make or break my relationship with a product line/company.

    • Exactly! I’d be so willing to buy another if it were something I did/wasn’t doing or received good customer service!

  • Kelly Monroe

    Let me know where you find a good cheap one because I want one!

  • Jazzy

    Sorry Ebony. I purchased a secura steamer from Amazon a couple of months ago and haven’t any problems yet. I just couldn’t spen over $100 for the huetiful when the secura looks exactly like it and costs about $50 less. And it’s really unfortunate the company hasn’t responded to you especially since they reached out to you. This does nothing to help their reputation in my opinion. The bright side is you didn’t pay for it with your own money.

  • I had an issue with my steamer also. The steam stopped working and it wasn’t coming out at all. So I called and e-mailed customer service and I wasn’t getting any response either. So I posted my problem on there facebook page and I got an immediate response. They sent me a brand new steamer and it’s been working fine.
    I also got my steamer when it was $124.99.