I Lost Ten Pounds in A Month!

I Lost Ten Pounds in A Month!


lost ten pounds in a monthI’ve mentioned the addition of tennis to my regular routine several times throughout July and began sharing a few photos of my meals via Instagram (@EbonyCPrincess) so you probably realize that I am on a weight loss journey (again).  I wanted to hold off on making any formal announcements about it until I was settled into a rhythm and knew for sure that this wasn’t yet another false start!  After I lost ten pounds in a month, I feel very confident that – in the words of the late Michael Jackson -THIS IS IT!  I’m well on my way to achieving my weight loss and fitness goals!!!

This post is going to serve as an introduction of sorts although I’m going to talk about my MINDSET in a post all of its own.  Today, I’d like to share specifically what I have been doing to lose weight and how, after several attempts to force myself to get started over the past two years, I was able to get myself not only motivated but excited about working out.  In a nutshell, the answer is simple and VERY cliche.  FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE TO DO. 

lost ten pounds in amonthWe’ve heard it a million times, right?  And it does not take a genuis to figure that out – of course the secret to exercising regularly is finding something we like.  The trouble is that previously, I tried to force myself to like all the traditional forms of working out:  running, elliptical, group fitness classes, home workout DVDs, zumba, etc.  Some I liked more than others but I can honestly say none of them were a form of pure enjoyment.  At all.  It was never “fun” and it always felt like work.  So, while I always appreciated the results I never actually liked any of those activities.

Then came my savior.  A friend of mine joined MeetUp.com and told me about her experiences with a social group for young black professionals in her city.  It sounded cool so I decided to check out what groups were available in my city.  I was ecstatic to discover a tennis meetup!  I played tennis and basketball all four years of high school and even made my All-State team as the number 1 tennis seed for my school.  Tennis is FUN, not work!  I immediately signed up for the first available tennis play and have been hooked ever since.  That’s my secret.  I found something I don’t just like, but LOVE to do!  I play tennis at least four times per week right now, sometimes more if my schedule permits.  Each session lasts at least two hours…I can’t think of the last time I spent two hours in a gym.  And if I was there that long, you best believe I was not working out the whole time!

lost ten pounds in a month After the first week, I didn’t lose any weight and I realized that I probably was overeating because I felt I could, after all hadn’t I just played tennis for two hours?  I decided to download and begin using My Fitness Pal.  I have had an account for quite some time, but never used it.  I know from experience with Weight Watchers that I am excellent with tracking my meals.  True to form, I have been counting every morsel of food that enters my mouth.  The convenience of MFP is amazing, it truly does take away all the work of calorie counting.  I adhere to a 1200 calorie per day diet and never (intentionally) increase my calorie intake on the days I workout.  I want as much of a calorie deficit as possible.  I try to always have at least six servings of fruit and vegetables and drink 64 ounces (8 cups) of water each day.  Once I began tracking, the weight started coming off.  From July 1st to August 1st I lost ten pounds!!!

I’m not ready to share my starting weight or current weight.  Or even how much weight I have to lose.  I’m wildly competitive and I have to remind myself that one, I’m not doing this for anyone else (again, that will be shared in my “mindset” post) and two, I am not in a race against a clock.  I’m just so happy that I have stumbled into something that will work for me not only now as I lose the weight but forever as I continue to stay active.  I genuinely LOVE playing tennis.  Some days I have to force myself not to play because of shoulder soreness or scheduling conflicts.

So, how did I lose ten pounds in a month?  I found something I LOVE to do!

I’ll be updating you regularly but not with weekly weigh ins or personal ups and downs.  I’m more determined than ever and only want to share positivity and helpful thoughts!  Watch me weeeeeeeeeerk!

  • Mandy

    Good for you! I think I will try that app 🙂

    • Thank you, I’ve found that it makes my life much easier!

  • Weeeeeeeeeeerk it Ebony!!!! I am so happy for you! Doing something you love is sooooo much easier, it never feels like a workout because it’s fun.

    • OMGOSH thank you! Girl you know I’ve been trying to commit to something forever and a day. So I appreciate your encouragement especially!

  • Wanda

    Hi Ebony… Congrats on the 10lbs and hope that your success continues.

    I too just restarted using the app “My Fitness Pal” and I find that it makes this journey so much easier… Best of luck as you reach your goals and if you want to you can add me as a friend.

    • Thank you! I haven’t gotten the knack of adding people yet, but I’m going to try to find you. Having “someone” on the journey with you is always wonderful!

      • Wanda

        WEBAyahoo is my username

  • Jeimy

    congrats honey keep up the good work !!!

  • jnicole078

    Great job Ebony. Im glad you found a way to work out and have fun.

  • Lisa

    Wow! Considering you probably have gained quite some muscle Weight with all that exeecise it is a great reasult!

    Good look towards your goals!

  • Yvonne Nkata

    well done on you workout, am really trying to get mine going.

    • Thank you…you can see it took me forEVER but I’m finally going!

  • Special K

    Congratulations Ebony! Keep up the great work!!!

  • blutifulblaq

    Congrats Ebony! I too am on a weight loss journey. I would love to loose 20 pounds in two months. Good luck on your journey.

    • Girl…you just birthed a beautiful baby, I’m sure that weight will come flying off!

  • Lesley Buckle

    Congrats on finding something you love doing! x

  • Tonkabelle

    I am so glad for you dear, xx

  • Britt @ One&20

    Go, girl!!!
    I feel this way about freestyle dancing but I can’t afford (time or money) to go out everyday. I need to find a daily activity!!!
    Britt @ One&20

  • Yes! It doesn’t feel like “work” when you’re having fun doing it! That can be said for so many things in life! Congrats on the accomplishment and for finding something that works for you! I love reading posts like this! Very encouraging and motivational!