I NEED Nia Long’s Hair!

I NEED Nia Long’s Hair!


nia long hair mid length cut

I am not sure why I’m so obsessed with shorter lengths right now, but have you guys seen Nia Long and more importantly her hair lately?!  Her mid-length styles are so gorgeous and look so easy breezy!  I’m thinking of getting a lace wig and styling it just like Nia’s hair;.  I think a 10 or maybe 12″ wig would do the trick with some very light layering around the face.  This may just be what I do for the fall, especially since I am considering doing a fall “Hide Your Hair” Challenge to help me retain every millimeter of growth.  Plus with a lace wig, it would be really easy to apply my growth aid regularly as well.  Anyway, I really love Nia’s look and am I the ONLY one who is insanely envious of how amazing she looks after giving birth at 40+ just last year?  Nia, you give me and my aging eggs hope!

  • felecia

    that is not her real hair! her hair is short. keep up the good work you are doing to your beautiful long hair! fee

  • Shamika Cambridge

    The 12 inch would give you that exact effect.

  • Sasha

    lol…she gives us all hope with our aging eggs!

  • B Dav

    I LOVE this short cut, too.
    What’s crazy is when my hair would never get longer than this as a young’un, I HATED it. Smh. So fickle.

    PS. If you’re looking for a co-host for your challenge, let me know! I am all in!