Indian Hair Product Haul

Indian Hair Product Haul


As ya’ll know, I’ve been totally into learning more about Indian hair products and the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs ever since doing a bit of research on amla.  When I was in my local Indian grocery store, I grabbed a few products that I am experimenting with and I wanted to share with you.  Below is my vlog going over each products, why I purchased it and my thoughts on it thus far.

  1. Vatika Naturals Virgin Olive Hair Mask
  2. Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil
  3. Amla Powder
  4. Brahmi Powder

I like how inexpensive everything is, even if you live in a country or state that does not have a store that carries such items, you can buy them online dirt cheap.  I definitely intend to keep you posted on my progress with each product.  Like I said, if any of you are experts on Indian hair products and powders, please give me your feedback below.

  • Shawnie Chenelle

    Nice post and I’m looking forward to your further research. I’m trying to suppress the product junkie in me, but a good and inexpensive protein free condition has been on my wish list for a while. Btw, you look super cute in this video. ECP, your eyebrows are ALWAYS exquisite and you can wear a red lip like champ!

    • Thank you SO much Shawnie! Red lipstick has kinda become my “thing” over the past winter, which is a shock to me mostly! lol! I appreciate your compliments and yes, after using the Vatika Naturals for 3 washes, it DEFINITELY is a great inexpensive moisturizing dc.

  • Dale Ritch

    This is absolutely amazing, this product are great. Very fun to read with, not boring.
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