Inversion Method for Hair Growth – One Inch in One Week

Inversion Method for Hair Growth – One Inch in One Week


No, that is not a typo in the title.  I’ve seen reports from ladies who claimed (many with photographic support) to have used the inversion method for hair growth to achieve as much as ONE INCH in one week.  Now you know, once I got beyond my initial thoughts of skepticism, I decided to investigate!  In a nutshell, the inversion method for hair growth is simply turning your head upside down for up to four minutes for seven consecutive days, accompanied with a scalp massage using your favorite oil.  Sound simple enough and physiologically it makes sense – additional blood flow equals greater hair growth.

inversion method for hair growth
Werk it Gabby!

What I found funny is that I actually used to do a modified version of this when I was about ten years old or so.  Don’t laugh and I’ll tell you the story…okay?  My favorite movie on the planet is Polly starring Keisha Knight Pulliam and Phylicia Rashad.  My fellow 80s babies may remember this Disney musical.  There is a scene in the movie in which Polly is finishing a ritual of brushing Ms. Snow’s hair one hundred times.  Well, my faithful readers are well aware that Keisha aka Rudy is my original hair idol.

Anyway getting back to the story, although I was definitely old enough to realize it was just a movie, for some strange reason because I loved Keisha’s hair so much, I decided to adapt the same ritual every single night on my own hair.  Plus instead of just brushing my hair with one hundred strokes, I would do so while leaning upside down off the side of my bed.  I’m not sure where I got that idea, but I remember my mother walking in on me one night as I was flipped off the side of the bed counting aloud:  “Seventy seven, seventy eight, seventy nine…”  Although I was embarrased, I was determined to grow long hair (yes, I have always been obsessed) and refused to lose count to answer her question as to what I was doing.  Now, of course I wasn’t taking length pictures then and I can’t remember how long I kept up the ritual but it seems to me that I remember noticing a difference in my hair’s thickness and length!


Anyway, one of the beautifully relaxed ladies I follow on Instagram (@SimplyShanelly) posted her one week results using the Inversion Method and it appears her hair grew one inch in seven days:

inversion method for hair growth

I’m never one to knock anyone’s hair growth methods provided they are not doing damage to themselves or others, but I will have to pass on this one.  I don’t know if it is old age or what but between motion sickness and my random moments of vertigo without being turned upside down – I can only imagine being passed out somewhere after turning right side up again all in the name of hair growth!  However, there are lots of women who do yoga regularly who perform handstands and such all the time; I’m sure Gabby Douglas could do this in her sleep!  So although it may not be for me, maybe it will be great for you.

Will you be trying the inversion method for hair growth?

  • Britt @ One&20

    I tried this one time last year by just hanging my head over the side of the bed but I felt like a truck bulldozed the crap out of my head when I sat back up. I guess I’m just gona do the old-fashioned method for growing hair: patience.

    Britt @ One&20
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  • S.O.S Hair

    I’ll pass. Or rather—I’m sure that I would pass out if I tried this. I’m just too clumsy.

  • Sasha

    I think I would get dizzy or nausea from doing this method.

  • Mandy

    I agree with you. This is a pass for me.

  • When I first started my hair journey, I was fascinated by techniques and products that expedite hair growth. I tried biotin and chlorella in the past… But at some point I decided I wasn’t going to try to force my body/hair to do things. I’m just trying to be greatful for what I do have and keep it pushing. I’m not knocking anyone that does this and other things to make their hair grow faster, but it’s just not for me. Good luck to those who are doing it.

    • I agree. I’ve never been able to be consistent with any growth aid and I’m okay with that although for those who have dermatitis and other scalp issues, sulfur oiling and other growth aids actually serve a dual purpose. I’m not gonna knock it but its just not for me.

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  • Tasia S.

    I do yoga and that is more than enough for me.

  • Happy Park

    Having a pixie cut I’m hell bent on growing out (without the regular neck trims to keep it looking good… hello mullet!), I will try just about anything to get my hair to grow faster. I bought special anti-breakage shampoo with tons of vitamins, stuck to a strict hair care regimen, take vitamins, you name it. Anything to reach my goal faster without damaging my hair. So yes, I tried this! And although you get dizzy, nauseous, etc. from it I find it worth it, because it worked for me. I do it once a month for the seven days but only use oil every other day (the night before I wash my hair because I refuse to wash my hair every day), and with all the vitamins, special shampoo, and the fact that my hair grows twice as fast as average on its own, my hair grew about three-four inches in a week. Sadly I didn’t expect it to work that well so I didn’t take photos, but I definitely will next time. However I am caucasian, so I think my hair may grow a little bit faster than my beautiful ebony sisters. If anyone is reading this I encourage you to give it a go, a little dizziness once a day is a small price to pay for the results in my opinion 🙂 Hahaha good luck!

    • mermaidgirl93

      Hey 🙂 I am currently trying to grow out a pixie as well, any tips on how I can get to at least a bob faster? How many months? thanks 🙂

  • Positiffbeatee528

    I tried this and it works! I gain an entire inch of hair within one week. I did not heat up any oil, I oil my scalp at night with castor oil. In the morning I just stand up and bend over like I’m touching my toes hold my stomach in, lol this is part of my exercise and just massage my scalp. Mind you I had natural box braids in. I though I was seeing things when I stretched my hair down an additional inches of hair after one week of doing this. I had to stop and wait for a couple a weeks to do this again, because I don’t want my hair to get used to this type of massaging. I hear it can stunt your growth or get use to a minimum length. I don’t know if this is true, however, I will be doing this again the end of September.

    • Nkem

      I tried and ended up with half an inch. Its good yours was up to an inch.

    • Ozera

      hun i used to be a hairdresser and no, massaging it a lot does not effect ur hair growth in a bad way, only in a good way. it stimulates the hair follicles which assures faster growth.

      • ShortHaired

        would it be bad if I tried doing this for a few weeks in a row though?

        • Gurlllll

          Yes, because it could cause health problems.

        • crystal

          It won’t work if you do it week after week you have to wait another month. Because you body gets used to getting the blood flow.

    • Terciopela Turquesa

      I’m going to try this! 🙂

  • NaturalGirl

    You should go down and then slowly come back up to avoid passing out. And i understand, its not for everyone. But it is actually healthy. And if you do it with your whole body it’s a form of yoga. You are reversing blood flow and it is reaching your scalp, brain, face and it is removing stuck impurities within your body by letting blood flow seep into almost all places and direction of your whole body oxygenating more cells and increasing nutrient transport in certain areas/to cells of the body and is scientifically proven to show other health benefits! 🙂 Im definately gonna try it!

  • Danielle

    im on my second day in this challenged, and im extremely nauseous! I wanna continue the challenge since there’s only 5 days left. But It really makes me nauseous even though i get up from the position slowly.

    • Lucy Hale

      You are doing it right, but you should start going down slowly as well. Going down to fast and going up to fast causes you to be nauseous afterwards.

  • lashon123

    I started today =)

  • Erandi

    do yout know what to do next after you do the inversion? should I wash my hair? or sleep with it?

    • If you use an oil for this, wash your hair 30 minutes after doing the inversion. It’s recommended that you only wash your hair once every three days. The oils your scalp produces are what nourishes the newer hair at the root, keeping it healthier and assisting with the growth.

  • Guest

    I tried it and ended up with half an inch growth.Its good yours was upto an inch

  • girl

    you’re all idiots. there is no science behind this whatsoever. it does not work.

    • There actually is science that shows increased blood flow equals an increase and even acceleration in hair growth. However you choose to increase your blood flow – whether exercise, scalp massages, or turning upside down is up to you. Regardless of whether or not you choose to try THIS particular method, there is no need to be rude to those who’ve tried it…with success I may add.

      • Mayra

        On point

    • ash

      No need for name calling. This isn’t the worst hair growth idea that I’ve heard of.

  • T.Tonna

    I stay with my head down in the bath tub for a full half an hour just to wash my hair cause I hate doing it in the shower and getting all the dirt from my hair in my face while washing. This should be a joke for me. Gonna try this from today.

  • Alannah

    can you do it without oil? thanks x

    • Lila

      Ive tried and its doesn’t work its kind of like a plant or flower, you need to MOISTURIZE your hair

    • Sarah Richardson

      Yes you can. It’s not the oil, it’s the blood flow. I never use oil and it always works for me.

  • zaz

    this means too much blood in the brain and this could be very dangerous!!!! seriously, you can get irreversible harms or even worse doing this! think about cerebrovascular accidents! you can think that you are in very good condition to do this but you never know .I prefer to be patient and wait with my 1/2 inch of growth a month

    • Lucy Hale

      Actually, yes it can be harming if you put your head upside down for hours and so, but it is not just for four minutes for 1 week. You should start out slow so not a lot of dizziness occurs, and if you start feeling really bad, that means you’re not doing it correctly. And blood in the brain is healthy, but not too much, this is why you should only do this for one week every month.

  • Ozera

    im giving it a go. i did my first application today and the only side effect i had was my neck hurting a bit. it may sound dangerous, but the side effects (which are rare) are defiantly not fatal.

  • infowars

    I can attest to the fact that inverting definitely helps hair growth. I have an inversion table and when I do it a couple of times a week, I start noticing lots of new baby hair growth. There are so many other benefits to inverting. It makes you feel great for one. I often fall asleep while upside down because it is so relaxing to have the gravitational pull go in the opposite direction on all your bones and organs. In fact, it has been shown to decongest the organs and help detoxify the body. It also makes my skin look great, especially my face because it increases circulation. I get rosy cheeks from it. I love my inversion table and I crave it if I don’t do it for a while. I gotta get upside down! Got it at Academy for $100. But you can find them used on Craig’s List too.

    • infowars

      Oh, and for those that get dizzy or nauseous from inverting, you are doing too much too fast. You never want to go upside down right away. You need to gradually invert at an angle until you get used to it, which is why an inversion table is the best and safest way to invert. Once you do get used to it, it is awesome. You have to start slowly. I can hang upside down now almost fully, but it took about 5 times before I could do that. Now I can hang upside down for about 10 minutes, and like I said it is so relaxing that I often fall asleep.

  • WalkOnAir

    I’ll try this, I heard warming olive oil, putting it on your head, then going upside-down for 4 minutes, then keeping it in for 2 hours after makes hair grow like 3 inches in a week.

    • ladynai

      How did your week work out for you? Did you measure? Let us know…I just started this two days ago…

  • ladynai

    I just took out a weave and my hair is thinner – I think I’ll give this a whirl. Maybe I’ll compare bending at the waist while massaging versus a handstand with a massage after. Since I don’t have an inversion table. It sounds good for back issues and I tried one in a store with no problem. Thank Goodness for all those gymnastics lessons as a pre-teen!

    • ladynai

      Forgive my Reply to self but I am so excited about this: I did the inversion with the Exercise ball and feet up while massaging a concoction of safflower oil, olive oil, crushed garlic, crushed onion after heating in a double boiler and cooling. I wrapped a couple of hot towels and a warm, wet towel the next morning. After I washed it with the WEN conditioner that I’ve used for a year, rinsed with cold water and 25% ACV….my hair looks the best it ever has! Shiny and lustrous. Yesterday, at the grocery some lady said, “your hair is so cute.” I had put it up in a protective bun, avoiding all heat and styling products – just some safflower oil to ‘seal it’. Some curl is visible in the loose bun.

      Okay, I’m really doing the hair growth to my waist…9 inches more to 18 inches – I made the shirt I saw with markers…and using only natural products since my others are almost out!! I took photos like I have a monthly blog. Who else will understand how my NYE is about my 2014 hair? Off to order a satin pillow and keep researching. Happy [Almost 2014] to all my sisters in the WL hair quest. No thinning weave, real 18″ hair or bust 🙂

  • bre3190

    I just read about this in the book 10 ways to grow your hair long and fast, I was very curious to see it works so I did sum research and came here. I’ve heard some ppl say they got results while others say they haven’t. So I’ve decided to give it a go because it’s not harmful to my hair, which is why I’m all about now. If anyone has before after pics I would love to see.

  • Very Happy

    Hi, I am a 14 year old girl from Australia. Last year after having long hair for a while, I decided to cut it short. AKA above my shoulders in a bob. I regret it so much and I’ve been trying to grow it ever since. So far I’m on my 5th day of doing the inversion method and I have seen results!! I still have days to go until the full seven but already I’ve had an inch or more of growth, seriously everyone should try it. It’s worked really well me 🙂 🙂 🙂 definitely going to try it again in the future

  • hair journey

    I did it and I got a little over an inch. Im a black female who is trying to get to waist length hair (currently a little below bra strap) I do this every month for one week and it works every time. I use extra virgin olive oil and grapeseed oil

  • Carla

    Salut tous le monde est qu’il y’a quelqu’un qui parle français ici jaimerai à participe alors est qu’il y’a quelqu’un qui peut m’explique merci

    • Nuccia

      Salut Carla….le ‘inversion method’ est une methode pour aider les cheveux a pousser jusqu’a 1 pouce en seulment 7 jours. Faut masser de l’huile soit d’olive ou noix de coco ou un autre huile de ton choix et ensuite baisser la tete a l’envers pour 4 minutes – pas plus pour que le sang monte a la tete pour promouvoir la circulation. Repeter pour 7 jours et pas plus. Beaucoup ont eu des resultats positifs. Voila l’idee.

  • JoJo S

    After you have applied the oil and massaged it into your scalp well, and hang up side down for 4 minutes, after you have done this process do you wash your hair?

  • Mag

    How often can I was my hair doing this 7 days journey?

    • meg

      Once a month. or it wont work because your body will get used to the blood flow.

  • TamHa

    This seems about the same as other accelerated growth methods out there (i.e. vitamin supplements, long-term protective styling, etc.). May or may not really work, results based on actually taking the time to do the method daily…I saw in the comments that really the key to this is increasing blood flow to the scalp. And this can be done without turning upside down. Daily scalp massage (with or without oil) and even exercise can probably be effective as well to increase monthly hair growth. Also good diet and hydration so that the blood that is flowing to the scalp is full of good nutrients and things that are necessary to build healthy strands. I guess turning upside down could be dangerous for some people with other health concerns like high blood pressure, etc, so to play it safe I would say just do scalp massage and exercise regularly 🙂

  • Jade

    I highly doubt you will pass out or whatever, i have to wash my hair over the bath with my head upside down and that can take like 20 minutes this only takes four, it’s worth a shot isn’t going to cause you any harm and if it works then that’s great! I’ve seen loads of girls with positive results but just ignore the whole do it 4 times a week 1 or 2 is enough otherwise you will loose the natural oils in your hair!

  • …I can’t sit still like that for 4 mins, but it makes a lot of sense blow flow helps

  • blair

    for the inverse method, do i put the oil in once a day for 7 days or doing i do it once a week?

  • Alicy D. Matsombe

    Hi, Alicy here. Oh my, I’m so stressed out because I tied the I – method and I thought I saw some results. a few days later the change stopped and I got disencouraged, especially when no one saw any difference. I started thinking that is all in my head.
    any tips?

  • this is interesting. i’m slightly skeptical but it can’t hurt to try it out for myself.

  • linda

    Those ends!! Those needs to be cut at the bra strap length. They look terrible. I can’t stand to see women stretching out a thin damaged tailed end just to reach a desired length. It looks unhealthy. Chop that thing off!

    • Tatiana Green

      it doesn’t look unhealthy at all wtf? jealous much?

      • Adriannan Nonyo

        I can barely see anything let alone call them “unhealthy”

      • It looks awful for now so I guess the girl has to keep doing it untll all her hair evens out…no point having a little rat’s tail

    • Rae

      They do look terrible, they look extremely tapered from breaking off.

  • Kiana

    Everyone is commenting on having discomfort from remaining upside down. I do not understand how this can make people nauseous (probably because I am a yoga enthusiast lol) I am starting this today and hoping for the best! just wondering, can I wash my hair afterwards?

  • loveyourself

    It works, no sweat.

  • I have attempted to do the inversion method twice. The second time I did it for four days and did see hair growth. I can’t do it seven days because there is something about it that just doesn’t set right with me. I don’t know what it is because when I see ladies doing it and gaining an inch, I want to turn upside without hesitation. Then something inside just says, “Be patient.” 😀

    • Msbailey111

      Candra Evans-
      That would be the Holy Spirit helping to perfect your patience. 😉 Everyone’s hair is different. I wish I could just get 4 in in a week, lol! Guess we can just settle for what we get.. at least it’s working!? lol 🙂

  • ladiesy

    Can this method be done each month?

  • So I definitely need to try this out now. You’re basically my hair inspiration <3
    Love from Dubai,

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  • Sarah Richardson

    I do this but without the oil. It works.

  • Nicole Constance

    I’ve read alot of the comments and I have to say: You don’t need to hang upside down people. I sit on my couch with my head between my legs. No need for head stands. Once you raise your head slowly enough, you should be okay. If you do get dizzy it should only last for a second or two. Raising your head too quickly will give you a headache. And yes, the method does work. Good luck ladies.

  • Yoleen Lucas

    I just came across this article a couple weeks ago, and decided to try it.

    For beginners, I have 4C hair; so incredibly fragile, I couldn’t grow it longer than 3 or 4 inches. I once managed to grow it to 10 inches after putting it in individual braids. Then my life became total chaos, and hair was not my top priority.

    Anyway, now that my life is finally calmed down a bit, I have once again decided to see how long my hair can grow. I have worn a weave for years; currently, it sits at around 7 inches. So I switched back to individual braids last month. In a month’s time, my hair grew half an inch, which is typical for me.

    To try this inversion method, I sat on the edge of my bed, hung my head over, and massaged my scalp with a mixture of coconut and peppermint oil for 4 minutes every day for a week. Wouldn’t you know it – my hair grew another half inch! That means if I keep this up one week a month, I’ll gain one inch every six weeks!