Jamaican Black Castor Oil Review

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Review


Are you a hardcore healthy hair journeyer?  If so, then you are already familiar with Jamaican Black Castor Oil also known as JBCO for short.  But for those who have the casual interest in caring for their hair and learning new styles, you probably are not familiar with the amazing results hundreds (yes hundreds – no exaggeration!) of ladies have gotten from incorporating JBCO into their hair regimen.  Therefore, before jumping into the review I’ll give the basics about this popular oil.  By the way, this is not a sponsored post – I always let you know when they are, which doesn’t matter anyway because my opinions are still honest either way. 🙂

According to popular retailers, Jamaican Black Castor Oil helps remove toxins from the scalp while stimulating the hair follicles to promote regrowth of hair.  Over the last ten years, it is an established precedent that Jamaican Black Castor oil is more effective than the clear pharmacy castor oil because of the ash content due to roasting of the beans, which you can view in the photo below (Source: NaturallyCurly.com).  Women incorporate JBCO into their regimen in a number of ways:  use it for a scalp massage, when doing the inversion method (read more here), to seal their strands after moisturizing or to do the greenhouse effect.  The greenhouse effect, also known as baggying, involves slathering oil onto your hair and/or scalp then applying a plastic bag over the hair to trap the moisture in and promote deeper penetration. You can either baggy your ends with a small sandwich bag or you can full head baggy with a shower cap.  After a few ladies had amazing growth retention and increased thickness, JBCO became extremely popular.  One or two ladies is a fluke, but when numerous ladies with different hair types and textures also experienced similar results then you know there is something to it.

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JamaicanOils.com sent me their Jamaican Black Castor Oil Food for review last year.  I was excited to try it but have been so lazy in using it consistently that I never felt comfortable giving you a full review.  Well, since dealing with winter dryness in my hair, I’ve started using it regularly to seal my ends and I absolutely LOVE it!  Castor oil is such a thick, heavy oil and I remember everyone on hair boards noting that pure JBCO had to be diluted in order to apply it easily.  It was thick and stinky.  So, although it worked to keep hair moisturized and promote thickened hair growth, many ladies hated using it.

This new Jamaican Black Castor Oil Food fixes both of those issues – it is already diluted with other natural oils (Peppermint, Jojoba Oil, Eucalyptus) to give it a thinner, more manageable consistency and more pleasant fragrance.  I’ve been using it since wearing my hair out these last few weeks – and even while under my wigs – to seal my ends and I notice that they feel super soft, silky and moisturized.  I love the fact that when applied directly after rinsing my conditioner my hair seems to stay moisturized.  The best way to fight dryness is to prevent it from happening altogether and using Jamaican Black Castor oil has been a great addition to my hair arsenal.  I even added additional peppermint and tea tree oils for extra tingly goodness for my scalp.

 JamaicanOils.com sells all the popular JBCO brands including Tropic Isle and Sunny, along with other lines and products of JBCO including their lavender and rosemary.  So if you are interested in trying any type of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, definitely check them out.  By joining their mailing list, you will receive 15% off your first order!  I’ll admit I am far from the authority on castor oil, but the healthy hair network, Hairlista, has castor oil challenges regularly.  You can join Hairlista for free and view past challenges so you can see the results ladies have gotten in the past from their challenges, learn first hand what the benefits are, and talk with other ladies who use it regularly.

  • Great review, Ebony! I’ve heard about JBCO for years but never used it consistently until joining in on the most recent hairlista castor challenge. I am really liking this oil!

  • Tumi- SouthAfrica

    Great post! I’ve been using it for about a month now for my edges it has worked I have both the oil and the hair food. I warm it before I apply it makes it easier With applicator bottle, I also mix 3 drops of tea tree oil for a better scent… hahaha I think its all about what works for you and your hair but JBCO is the best!

  • Tina

    Jamaican black castor oil must have been too strong for my hair, coz my hair began to fall out. I had to cut off my six months dreadlocks and am now starting again