Review | Jane Carter Solution Moisture Mist

Review | Jane Carter Solution Moisture Mist


Being from New Jersey, I’ve been familiar with and a fan of Jane Carter Solution (which is based in NJ) since their very beginning.  I’ve yet to try a JC product I didn’t love so when I realized my previous spray moisturizer, Bee Mine Juicy Spritz, wasn’t working as well to keep my hair moisturized during the winter months I planned to return to Jane Carter’s Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner, which I’ve recommended many times here on L4L.  However, upon visiting their site I decided to try Jane Carter Solution Moisture Mist because it is described as being a heavier product for coarse/thick hair so I believed it would work even better than the leave in spray.  

I’ve been using the Jane Carter Solution Moisture Mist about every other day to moisturize my hair while protective styling.  I purchased this item from Ulta and then ordered a backup from Amazon once I realized how much I love it!  The product name is so perfect, the design of the bottle and liquid-light product really does distribute like the perfect “mist” of moisturizing goodness!  The Jane Carter Solution Moisture Mist product description reads:

  • Water based spray infused with Shea Butter, Sage, Nettle and Rosemary
  • Great for daily use to hydrate and reactivate products in ‘second’ day hair
  • Natural glycerides seal in moisture, making hair healthy and manageable

Jane Carter Solution Moisture Mist Review

Pros:  The bottle design is absolutely amazing with a spray trigger as opposed to a pump top.  The result is a fine, but largely distributed mist which makes moisturizing fast and easy.  Jane Carter is now a pretty widely available brand, you can find this product online and locally at Target, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and most recently Ulta stores.

Cons: The product does not have any special smell – in fact the predominant fragrance are the nettle and rosemary extracts, which give it a somewhat “earthy” medicine-like smell.  Also, I’ve always thought Jane Carter is not completely transparent about every single product ingredient, which may be to protect their formula.  For example, the product description says it contains Silk Proteins and Amino Acids but neither of those are listed as ingredients.  Since I stress understanding ingredients and how your hair responds over everything, this can be a bit misleading.

SRP: $15 for 8 oz

Performance:  This product is absolutely AMAZING!  I cannot believe how incredibly soft it has kept both my six months worth of new growth (natural hair) and my relaxed length.  Best of all, it seems as if it eliminates tangles and knots as it moisturizes – it has all but eliminated the breakage issues I was experiencing at my line of demarcation (along with using protein conditioners).  I have definitely found my new staple spray moisturizer!  I highly recommend this product to braid, twist, weave and wig wearers.  If you have natural hair, it will work well to refresh your wash n’ go.  Relaxed heads, this is perfect to manage both textures between stretches.  For everyone, it is an ideal product to dampen and moisturize hair before doing twist/braid/bantu knot outs.  And the spray top?  Just increases my love for this item!

Have any of you tried the Jane Carter Solution Moisture Mist?

Jane Carter Solution Moisture Mist Review - Longing 4 Length

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  • I need full disclosure! My hair is way too picky.

    • I hear ya girl, but honestly…I’ve never ever tried a JC product that wasn’t amazing so its one of those brands I give a complete pass to and will try although I do wish they listed every single ingredient.