Juice Detox | Carrot Pineapple Fizz Recipe

Juice Detox | Carrot Pineapple Fizz Recipe

Juice Detox Carrot Juice Recipe - Longing 4 Length

This week I started my juice detox and as I shared last week one of my favorite juice combinations is carrot and pineapple juice.  I added a couple of tomatoes and instead of regular water, I like using Perrier sparkling water for a bit of fizz.  Carrot juice alone is not all that great tasting, but pineapples are so concentrated and sweet that only a small amount offsets the carrot taste.  I’m telling you this juicing recipe is super refreshing and delicious!

Carrot Juice Recipe Juice Detox - Longing4Length.com

Carrots are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, so it is great for vision health and an amazing source of antioxidants.  Carrots contain large amounts of vitamins C, D, E, K, B1 and B6.  They are also high in biotin, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, organic sodium and some trace minerals.

This juice recipe tastes best cold, so be sure all your ingredients are well refrigerated and serve on ice.  My juice detox is going well, the juices are filling me up and I am sticking to it.  I’m drinking plenty of water, taking a multivitamin and eating one solid meal per day of clean foods: no dairy, processed food, carbs, refined sugar, etc.

I’ll report my final results on Friday but so far so good – I’ve learned to have my fruits and vegetables cut, washed and ready to go so whenever I get hungry all I have to do is throw everything through the juicer and enjoy.  No wait, no cook time.  Preparation is absolutely key when doing a juice detox.  I’m keeping close track of my meals and thoughts so I can give a full report.

Carrot Pineapple Fizz Juice Detox - Longing 4 Length

Anybody doing a juice detox with me?  Or another type of detox?

How are you doing?

I decided to use the Jack LaLanne Juicer – the infomercial got me – but the Breville Juicer actually has the best reviews, just food for thought.  If you are thinking about juicing, do a little research to find what the best investment is for your needs.

  • really?? I wonder if it’s the carrots here, cuz I could drink carrot alone all day everyday!! lol

    • I liked the juices I made with carrot juice so maybe I’ll work my way up to pure carrot juice…but I’m not making any promises! lol

  • Nequéren Reis

    Amiga esse suco é uma delicia
    tenha uma semana abençoada
    Blog: http://arrasandonobatomvermelho.blogspot.com.br

  • Lydz@Crowning Glory

    Got plenty of tomatoes and carrots in the fridge now I just have to get some pineapple thanks for this recipe Ebony:)

  • Missy May

    I tried the juice cleans, but i couldn’t keep up. My stomach was crying all the time and I got too weak (probably becos I was gyming as part of it). Are you drinking just juices through out the day please? I mean as breakie, lunch and dinner? 🙂 Do you also train in the process? I really wanna challenge myself to do one for a week, so please share any tips. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • Yeah, I didn’t work out much while juicing so I can imagine. I only drank juices during the day – breakfast & lunch. Then I had a solid dinner of clean foods only. I only did four days this time but I’d like to work my way up to a week, with or without the solid foods. I posted a bit more details this morning, so that may help you too. I’ll let everyone know when I do it again, I want to try to commit to juicing at least once per month. http://longing4length.com/2014/05/fitness-friday-juice-detox-results.html Hope this helps!!!!

      • Missy May

        This is great. Thank you very much. 🙂

  • You are really making this juice cleanse look good!

  • Lisa

    Good for you! And ananas is really good for the sexlife 😉