Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat Review

Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat Review


Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat Review

I posted a photo of this product on Instagram (@EbonyCPrincess) when I received it because I was curious about its performance.  Now, I am TOO excited to report my full Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat review because it is HANDS DOWN the absolute best top coat I have ever used.  At the salon, at home, at the spa…anywhere!  Just in case you are unfamiliar with Julep Maven – I’ve done a full review but in a nutshell it is a nail polish and product subscription service; anyway getting back to the Freedom Polymer Top Coat review, let me tell you what the product claims:

Goes on like polish, performs like a gel!  Get a gel-like shine without the hassle of curing lights.  Enjoy an ultra durable, long-lasting manicure made possible by our copolymer technology.


Directions:  Apply a single coat over dry polish; cures in five minutes in natural light.  For longer-lasting results, cure under a 60-watt bulb for two minutes. To remove, use regular polish removal.

Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat Review

My Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat Review

I first used it on this manicure a couple of weeks ago and I can hands down tell you the description does the performance of the product no justice at all.  The shine it gives is brilliant!  I was so skeptical because I’ve tried “gel” topcoats in the past with disappointing results, but this one is the best ever.  Trust me, everyone NEEDS this top coat in their life!


I used it as directed, allowing my polish to dry for about five minutes before applying the top coat.  I then held my nails “claw style” under my dining room lights (the only ones in my apartment with 60 watt bulbs)for exactly two minutes.  I was so nervous of ruining my meticulously painted leopard pattern with that first use!  As the seconds passed, I literally could feel the polish drying as it seemed to harden from liquid to a gel.  After exactly two minutes under the bulb and two minutes of air drying (I just wanted to give it time to fully “work”) I tested it by tapping my nail directly on the surface of my table with medium pressure.  No dents, no marks, no smudges – just an amazingly shinny, smooth surface!  It actually had the feel of a shellac manicure as well, I can’t explain it any better than that.  I only wore the leopard manicure for about four days but I can tell you, it still looked perfect when I removed the polish, which comes off just like regular polish as the description claims.

I tested it again last week.  I purposefully painted my nails before washing my hair, something I try my best NOT to do so as not to shorten the life of my manicures.  I wanted to really test out how well the polish performed.  I also cleaned my bathroom and washed dishes all week (with latex gloves) and after seven days – here are the results:

Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat Review
Right Hand
Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat Review
Left Hand

Just a bit of tip wear, but SEVEN FULL DAYS later there was no chipping!  Pardon the streakiness of the actual polish, that is the fault of color nail lacquer, not the top coat.  Also, the polish really does “cure” in two minutes. I wouldn’t go scraping your nails against a tree or anything but everything the product says is absolutely true.

Precautions:  The polish does “shrink” as it dries similar to the Seche Vite top coat which is why you see the polish seems to be pulled around the edges in the photos.  Also, it applies just like any other top coat – if your polish isn’t completely dry, it may cause streaking (especially important for nail art manicures).

I never would have bought this product if I weren’t already signed up for the Julep Maven service, but I can tell you even if you DON’T want to become a member, you should buy the Julep Freedom Top Coat.  Any and everyone who does their nails at home will thank me later!

If you sign up for the Julep Maven service, they are currently offering the first box FREE using this promo code:  FREEBOX

  • Alexis

    I have to agree the best! I love this top coat. Sometimes I get the shrinkage and sometimes I don’t. I can’t figure out why it happens and why it doesn’t. Excellent review!

    • Interesting, right? This week I didn’t get as much shrinkage – I wonder if its the degree of wetness of the color polish? Thanks!

  • Lisa

    Sounds great! Where can i buy this top coat? I have already around 28 different nail colour bottles so i dont want to get a subscription, but i really would like to purchase this top coat.

    • I hear you, I recently cleaned out my collection a bit as well. I should’ve included the direct link – you can purchase just the top coat without becoming a member and Julep polishes are also sold at Sephora stores although I’m not sure if the top coat is available.


  • Neisha Jo

    “I wouldn’t go scraping your nails against a tree…” Hahahha! I don’t generally wear nail polish, but I might have to try this. And this should work great for my pedicures. Thanks for the review!

    • LOL! Yes, I haven’t tried it on my toes, but I fully intend too!

  • Jesus wanted you to to send this to me! LOL

    • Girl, Jesus is being two faced because He’s telling me to buy three more for myself!

  • Mandy

    Now, I am going to keep an eye out for this!

  • Erratic Assassin

    I’ve been staring at mine for a few days. I opted to try out the Oxygen Nail Treatment first. I’m still in the trial phase so I can’t say if I’m a believer or not but just having it on my nails is helping with my nail peeling/preventing me from exacerbating the problem

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