Wash Day | Jumbo Perm Rods (On Weave)

Wash Day | Jumbo Perm Rods (On Weave)


Finally, I’m back with a wash day post!  The last time my hair was washed, it was at the salon for my current sew-in weave so there was really nothing to report.  I washed my hair last week (click here for How to Wash & Condition Your Weave’) using Good Hair in a Bottle products. Since I began working with this company, I’ve found my hair really does respond well to them (particularly the conditioner) so they have become my go-to products.  I deep conditioned using my hot head deep conditioning cap, which I still love, then blow dried both the weave and my real hair beneath.  Remember ladies, it is CRUCIAL not to allow your hair to stay damp beneath your sew-in (find out why here).

Since my extensions are straight – they require a bit of styling as opposed to curly and wavy textures which are wash and go.  Normally, I prefer traditional wet rollersets on my sew-ins but when short on time, I use the blow dryer THEN set the hair on rollers with a bit of styling foam to set the curls.  That’s what I did this wash day and I walk you through the process below:


I need to share my review on the blow dryer used in the video, I really like it!  Anyway, the rollers in the video are 1.5″ – which is the size curling iron I would have used had I decided to curl it instead.  I chose to style my hair this way because 1) I’m honestly not that great at getting the look I want with a curling iron and 2) virgin hair does not always hold a curl very well.  So to make sure I got the “body” look plus lasting power, it made more sense to use the rollers.

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At night I set the hair on about six green flexirods (much more comfortable to sleep in than these hard rollers) and keep the style going.  Quick and easy, the story of my life as far as hair care goes right now! 🙂