Kenya Moore Talks Hair on Longing 4 Length!

Kenya Moore Talks Hair on Longing 4 Length!


Kenya Moore Hair

I can honestly say I have never watched an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but from everything I hear (Wendy Williams keeps me updated!) many viewers have a love-hate relationship with Miss Kenya Moore.  I can’t speak on that, but I actually saw her win the Miss USA pageant and I was so proud and excited to see a Black woman walk away with the crown.  And whether you love or hate her – there is no denying she has beautiful hair and she is often the object of many hair crushes.  When I reached out, Kenya was kind enough to answer a few questions for us regarding her hair.

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Kenya Moore Hair Talk:

Kenya Moore HairECP:  I remember your legendary locks from the days of being crowned Miss USA and later being a spokesmodel for Pantene Pro-V.  Have you always had long hair?
KM: Yes. When I see all of my elementary school pictures my hair was long.

ECP:  Since I know I will be asked, do you always wear your own hair or do you rely on extensions from time to time for volume or to give your hair a rest?
KM:  I’ve had weaves for films before and my last film, The Confidant, I wore a short wig which I loved.  I’ll play with pieces and wigs for photo shoots. My hair is very thick so I never need extra volume.

ECP:  What was your worst hair experience or disaster?
KM:  I once had braids in my hair for a vacation. When I took them out the hairstylist didn’t comb my hair out before washing it so it turned into one giant dreadlock. It took 3 people several hours to untangle my hair. I thought they were going to have to cut it all off.

(I’ve warned ladies about this in “How to Take Your Weave Down” – we’ve all been there Kenya!)

Kenya Moore Hair Talk Longing 4 Length

ECP:  Is your hair natural?  If so have you ever worn a relaxer or any chemical treatments (texturizer, keratin straightening)?
KM:  My hair is natural now. I have had a keratin treatment before and I loved it! I’ve notice the texture of my hair is getting finer so I’m not sure if I’ll need another treatment in the future or not.

kenya-moore-hair-real ECP:  It seems you are wearing your hair straight much more often on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Do you prefer wearing your hair straight or curly?
KM:  I prefer my hair with some body in it. My favorite is when I just come from getting my hair roller set and they blow it out. I look like a walking hair commercial!  (A girl after my own heart – ya’ll know I ❤ my rollersets!)

ECP:  What is your hair regimen?
KM:  I usually wash my hair every 5 days. Because I have color I deep condition it every week and add protein.

ECP:  Do you have any favorite products?
KM:  I am working on my own hair care line and it’s a culmination of all of my favorite products and ingredients that I have come to love. I ‘m very passionate about hair care and love shiny, healthy hair. My products will first help to repair hair and then strengthen it so it will grow longer.

Kenya Moore Hair Talk Longing 4 Length
Blown Out, Straightened & Curled

ECP:  Seeing as you have some very flattering highlights, have you found it difficult keeping your hair healthy after coloring?
KM:  Absolutely. It’s not been easy and there definitely is a science to it. I can’t say I will do it for much longer although I do love color. You have to be very careful because color is extremely damaging. I have very jet black hair and I lift it to a blonde. The key is extreme conditioning, oils, and added protein.

ECP:  Does it bother you to constantly be asked if your hair is real?
KM:  No, I  think it’s a compliment. I have healthy hair and people pay for extensions to look like my hair. I interpret that to be flattering for the most part.

ECP:  What are your favorite resources for hair care information?
KM:  Stylists are great resources because they try everything and get feedback from their clients. But I am my best resource!

I heard the heck outta that Kenya – you better be your own best resource girl!  It sounds like she has a lot of hair knowledge and takes great care to keep her hair healthy.  I for one am looking forward to the release of the Kenya Moore hair care line…after being a spokesmodel for someone else’s company, its  nice to see a fellow Black woman venture into entrepreneurship .  Keep up with all Kenya Moore via her social media outlets.

Twitter: @kenyamoore  Facebook: thekenyamoore, Instagram: @thekenyamoore

 Anddddddd – for the naysayers, haters & non-belivers, Kenya invited Wendy Williams to “root her” aka weave check for tracks (forward video to 7:21)

So whether or not she wears pieces, enhancements, tracks or wigs occasionally, she has a beautiful head full of gorgeous hair!  We should know by now that we can grow long, healthy hair with proper care.  Werkkkkkkk Kenya!

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  • Jasmyn Scott

    Wow I’m glad you ahold of her, I’m really looking forward to seeing what products she has to offer! Great interview!

    • Thanks – I am too actually, it sounds like she really pays attention to what keeps her hair healthy.

  • Her products are gonna FLY off the shelves! Congrats on this exclusive!

  • ghanaianemprezz

    So adorable!!!!

  • Courtney

    Great interview! Love gorgeous and healthy hair. Wonderful job Ebony :)

  • I’m really floored that she doesn’t have extensions! I know this is the wrong way to think but I wonder if she is of mixed ethnicity. Anywhoo, I’m loving your interviews, hope you can keep ’em coming!!

    • LOL! I should’ve asked!!!! But since I don’t watch the show, I’m not sure what information is “common knowledge” – for example: I know there is some “issue” about her mother, but I don’t know what so I didn’t ask if her mom helped teach her how to care for it. If I only I watched then I could’ve gone a bit further, lol! Thanks lady, I appreciate that.

    • CourtneyrrR

      Why. ? Their are plenty of brown and dark skin women who have thick long hair.

      Most African American women, brown,dark or not, are mixed with something down the line. Most of the time, it’s truly native American.It runs in my family and have the proof to prove it.It’s not a surprise.The media wants everyone to believe that if you are black dark with natural long hair, its bought. Do you know how many races of women , White,asian latin etc who have some kind of fake hair for length? But they put it on the black woman as if walking around with fake hair, is normal for ALL black women. NOT TRUE ..

  • Great interview, Ebony. I saw that interview/weave check she had with Wendy Williams and was shocked to learn that all that hair was her own. I just automatically assume that everyone on tv with fabulous voluminous hair has some sort of enhancements. But it’s good to know that there are some real heads (of hair) out there in tv land.

  • LaQT/ Ty

    I’m definitely on the fence with Kenya but I absolutely love her hair. I did not doubt if it was real. I thought she was natural but couldn’t tell. I love how full her hair is. She seems very much into healthy hair care so looking out for her products. Great interview! Watching ‘Gone With the Wind’ now. Thought about her when I started it.

  • Amazing

    If that is her hair great. However, I would never buy her products because I do not like her personality. Her personality is terrible. She has a very nasty disposition about herself.

  • blaqbuttafly

    Great interview. I like Kenya, she crazy! But overall I like her steez.

  • Valerie Smith

    Kenya has some fabulous hair.

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    • kdk

      Obviously your a jealous fucker that dont know shit!

      • DF


        • T

          This black girl LOVES her God given thick beautiful curly natural hair. Stringy, flat and blond is not my thing. My hair is soft…
          no Brillo here!! You are quite ignorant.

        • Destiny

          Black girls don’t want to be white. They don’t try to have soft hair their hair is soft idiot. White people have poodle sheep ass hair too.

        • Michele Bousquet Proctor

          And by the way, there are far more white females wearing extensions, and attempting to adopt black hair styles, not the opposite sweetheart. My hair is probably softer and more beautiful than your hair will ever be..and that’s without chemicals and without a weave darling. And for my Sistas with naturally kinky hair, their hair is just as beautiful. It takes all kinds though. You hide behind no profile pic to insult other races for entertainment. Must be a sad life.

      • DF


    • Michele Bousquet Proctor

      sounds as if you’re referring to your ignorant self. Who talks like this except for someone ignorant and ugly on the inside

  • i am wondering why Wendy didn’t mention anything about her pretty hair. Usually she will give props for what she terms “good hair” Kenya is pretty funny. I think it’s an act, but in reality tv who isn’t acting.

  • LOL Eb, I too have never watched the RHOA, and I also rely on Wendy to tell hear the drama! LOLLLLL!!! OMG!!!! Too funny. Kenya’s hair is lovely.

  • DF


    • T

      What is your deal? Did she take your man or something. why are you such a jealous hater?

    • Benny Reid

      You sound so ignorant! I’m not a fan of Kenya’s because of her manipulative, conniving, desperate to be loved, aggressive, attention hungry behavior. I don’t know if they realize it or not but character wise her and Nene have a lot in common it may be why they can’t get along, you have two ladies (haha) fighting to be Queen. In some photos you can tell Kenya has definitely added hair pieces or weave ( look at the top of her head in some photos behind her hair part). Back in her beauty Queen days her hair is real. Kenya’s face is taking on a aged harshness which I think is more about her inner meanness shining through and messing up the outer beauty she once had. Some times her face look’s twisted with hate and envy. She needs to let this go it’s only messing up her look’s, know that there’s always going to be someone younger and more beautiful or have what you don’t have or that you crave, if you understand this you can be more secure in yourself and what you possess so that you can grow older more gracefully and don’t turn into a full on shrew out of jealousy.

  • Stay

    I know I’m late as usual but she does where weave and it’s for length. One difference in textures. Two difference in lengths. Three her castmates have seen the tracks. Yes she my not need many tracks but point is she does use em so why lie. I’m natural have been for four years and my hair is longer then hers and I’m not shamed to say yes I will smack a 22inch track in it quick for extra volume and length.

  • Lily

    Hi I think Kenya appears beautiful, elegant and intelligent – definitely the best looking on the show, though don’t tell Cynthia darling. I think her intelligence is what seems to annoy most of her cohorts who appear rather bitter, spiteful and twisted. Like the rest of her cohorts on RHOA they are self absorbed but that makes stimulating trash TV not friendship.
    On a beauty note her hair always looks natural to me even though, like many stars, stylists love to add pieces to hairstyles to achieve the desired look such as Vanessa Williams, Erykah Badu and many others, so why so excited to find fault whether bald or with bottom length hair she is beautiful.
    I would love to have been as stunning as Kenya however, even though lower down the beauty scale I have experienced the bitchy comments from some women sharing the bitterness they feel within. To appreciate beauty in others does not diminish your own beauty.

    However, I am so sick and tired of Blackwomen being so obsessed with our hair. As a natural curly of many years I thought I had passed through the stages of people pulling my hair (as has happened on occasions) or people standing in very close proximity to me while shopping, riding the trains etc just to see the tracks. Let’s get a grip while we are fiddling Rome is burning (metaphorically). We should be obsessing about our place in society/business world/politics. I guarantee that once we feel better about ourself in a holistic way everything else will fall into place. Why are we not looking to have more of us joining Oprah on the Forbes list. Personally, I am so pleased that more Black women are embracing their naturalness because the closer you are to your natural state the better you’ll look and feel. Let’s pass on self-confidence and pride in our heritage to the next generation not superficial nonsence which holds us back…Now I’m gone with the wind.

    • CourtneyrrR

      ” I think her intelligence is what seems to annoy most of her cohorts who appear rather bitter, spiteful and twisted”

      Well said. They don’t understand it that is all…Wonderful post.

  • Great hair Kenya!

    Author “The Art of Debt Guerrilla Warfare, how to beat debt collectors when
    your back is against the wall.”

    • Sharanda D Lee

      Whays the name of her hair products

  • CourtneyrrR

    Thank you for the interview Ms. Ebony C Princess. You have gorgeous hair as well. :Ms. Kenya Moore is a beautiful example of plenty of brown skin girls and women who indeed have long natural hair as well as being a great example of the beauty of black girls and women. We should not be ashamed of what GOD has giving us as black women. Also, she is also showing and helping people by passing on knowledge, how to grow their own. Was a fan when she won the crown and continue to be. She is not only extremely intelligent but absolutely hilarious too. lol.