Kerry Washington’s Hair is ALL Natural!

Kerry Washington’s Hair is ALL Natural!

kerry washington's real hair
Kerry's hair from her Save the Last Dance days!
kerry washington's real hair
Kerry’s hair from her Save the Last Dance days!

Every time I post a photo of the beautiful and talented Ms. Kerry Washington, there is always a comment or two from ladies speculating whether or not she is natural or not.  Even with the trend of celebrities tweeting and Instagramming their real hair with confirmatory captions regarding the state of their tresses, Kerry’s hair length and texture has remained a mystery.  But the mystery has been solved!  In the June/July 2013 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair, Kerry’s long time stylist, Takisha Sturdicant-Drew, dishes on Kerry Washington’s natural hair – in fact she has never had a relaxer in her life!  Check out some of the notable quotes of the interview:

SBH: Kerry’s hairstyles are always on point.  How would you describe her favorite look?
TSD:  Kerry loves texture and she loves to play around with any type of wave because she just likes the way that looks on her face.  She’s natural – Kerry’s never had a relaxer – and her hair is naturally curly.  So, typically, I’m blowing out her hair and curling or flat-ironing it dependign on the style we’re going for.  We do play around with hair pieces if we’re going for extra length and fullness.

SBH:  Why did Kerry choose to stick with her natural tresses?
TSD:  Oh, its just healthier for her hair.  She has a great texture and curl – not as tight as a Jheri curl, but it’s a soft curl.  I call it wet and wavy.  She likes to wear her hair curly sometimes…Kerry wets it and it naturally curls up without any products in it!

SBH:  How do you maintain Kerry’s natural hair?kerry washington's natural hair
TSD: I wash and condition and trim it every six weeks.  People tend to get caught up on length but you have to trim the hair to keep those split ends off and to allow new hair to grow and be healthy.

SBH:  How long has Kerry been a client of yours?
TSD:  I’ve been working with Kerry for 11 years.

For more insight into Kerry Washington’s natural hair, pick up the latest issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair, I really enjoyed reading this interview.  Kudos to Tashika for always creating hit looks on one of everyone’s favorite hair crushes!

Personally, I don’t need “proof” of every celebrity’s real hair or their natural texture.  I don’t mind them wearing wigs and extensions for appearances, nor do I find the secrecy annoying.  But I know there are some ladies who will read this and still doubt whether or not Kerry is REALLY natural and ask why she does not wear her real hair in public.  My response is, how do you know she doesn’t?  Celebrities do not have an obligation to tell fans when they are rocking their real hair and if they have a relaxer or not; the fact that some do is a bonus.  We should ALL know by now that “non-mixed” Black women can grow long healthy hair just like women of any other race regardless of whether or not it is relaxed or natural so the on-going debate is just exhausting at this point in my humble opinion.  *steps off soapbox*

kerry washington's natural hair

  • Jenna Garrett

    i absolutely love her hair on scandal! she and kenya moore are on the top of my hair crush list :o)

  • Totally feeling your “soapbox” statement. I think people get too caught up in who’s hair is real and who’s hair is relaxed anyways. I don’t need proof, either.

    I saw Kerry’s natural hair in Django and marveled at how beautiful it was!

    • I do too…I have heard people complain about how celebs “never” wear their real hair, but when you have some that do…they still doubt! Can’t please everyone! lol. Thanks for reminding me about her hair in Django…I updated to include her photo.

  • Latonya Mercer


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  • kate

    If her hair isn’t altered, then why was her hair a lot kinkier when she was a really young? If that curl is truly her natural hair texture, then she is definitely mixed race, too. Most African-Americans are at least mixed race, after all.

    • Wow. After all this time and women of all complexions showing their hair of different curl patterns, we still think curly = mixed/good? We didn’t know her when she was really young, so I can’t answer, but I will say this – how far back does your “mix” have to be before we don’t contribute our hair texture to that anymore? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion. 🙂

      • kate

        This is Kerry Washington as a child:

        People have looser hair as a child, not kinkier hair. Unless Kerry is an anomaly.

        You’re the one with a problem if you equate mixed race with “good.” You appear to be the one with color problems, not me. I never said any of the sort.

        I just pointed out the obvious, that if her hair was 100% natural in Django Unchained that’s more of a reflection of her being mixed race than her being black. Go to West Africa and find non-mixed race people with that curl pattern. I’ll wait. Also, it’s common knowledge that the average African-American is mixed race. It’s a common marker of all the black diaspora whose ancestors were brought by the slave trade.

        • Oshi

          I agree Kate if anything one’s hair gets curlier or kinkier with age.. it’s strange that her texture changed so much

          • Betty Poo

            Hey Sleuth lady. If you look at Kerry’s roots, they are not “silky” neither as a child or an adult. Did it occur to you that whoever was caring for her hair as a child brushed and greased it up so the curls were not evident???

          • Oshi

            I have the same hair type as baby Kerry… at least it would appear so. I don’t see how what you are describing is possible. Surely that could work the other way too.. maybe she jeri curled her possibly kinky hair?