Kreativ Blogger Award & Seven Things Tag!

Kreativ Blogger Award & Seven Things Tag!

Thank you Tommie of HairdelaCreme for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award!  Check her out ladies, she has an awesome hair blog!  Here are the rules:
  1. Link back to the person who passed you the award
  2. Complete the form below
  3. Award 10 Blogs & drop them a line about it
  4. Share 7 random things about yourself
  • Name your favorite song:  Changes all the time, and I always have a gospel favorite and a “secular” favorite.  Gospel:  Broken But Healed by Byron Cage (Love the music AND the lyrics!), Secular:  Motivation by Kelly Rowland.  Yes, I know 99.99% of the world is sick and tired of this song…but lemme tell you every single time I hear it, I stop and whine my hips! 😉
  • Name your favorite dessert: Chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, chocolate ice cream…do you see a theme?
  • What pisses you off: When people don’t “speak” when they enter a room or see you.  It’s literally a crime in my family.
  • When you’re upset, you: Vent in an overly articulate manner.  “I’m feeling aggravated because when you did X, I felt Y, and consequently Z.”  I have a deep need for people to EMPATHIZE what I’m feeling so I explain very, very thoroughly! Which is why, if you still don’t “get it”, I get all the more upset!
  • Your favorite pet: Not really into pets, but I’d have to say fish.  I’ve had a couple.
  • Black or white: Black
  • Your biggest fear:  Marrying the wrong man & Not seeing my loved ones in Heaven.
  • Best feature: My boobies!  Lots of cleavage there…lol!
  • Everyday attitude: Thank you God & I am praising Him in advance!
  • What is perfection: Godly love.
  • Guilty pleasure: I have a BUNCH.  Hair obsession, chocolate, nail polishes, reality TV.
7 Random Facts About Myself
  1. I love to jump double dutch.  Do kids even do this anymore?
  2. My favorite scripture is Joshua 1:9 – “Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and of good courage; for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  So powerful!
  3. I played basketball and tennis until I graduated from high school.
  4. I could eat a jumbo bag of sunflower seeds everyday.  The only reason I don’t is health reasons…way too much salt!  But I used to have a bag glued to my hand up thru college.
  5. My favorite drink is sweet tea.  I can’t seem to get enough of it!  Maybe because I wasn’t introduced to it until I moved to the south.  I swear I gained 10 lbs off sweet tea alone.  😐
  6. I would go to a different concert every weekend if I could…there is something electric about seeing a performer live in person.
  7. If I have perfect reproductive health…I’d like to have 4 children.
After I received the Kreativ Blogger award, my friend Mrs. tagged me in the Seven Things Tag [read hers here, she IS quite an interesting person ;-)]  I actually learned quite a few new things about my good friend from her tag.  So glad she started her blog!!!  Anyway, since most of you said you like when I share personal info, I challenged myself to come up with seven MORE random things!  Its funny because I often feel I share very little, but just goes to show you that your perception of yourself is not always the reality! lol.
    1. Many of you know I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. but you did NOT know that in undergrad, I could not have been LESS interested in pledging anybody’s anything.  My perception of Greek life completely changed the minute I met my (now) prophytes.  Seeing a room full of professional, poised, educated, beautiful, successful Black women volunteering their time to mentor young at-risk teenagers just because they wanted to help others touched my heart.  Being able to talk freely about my career goals and life aspirations among women who understood and encouraged them was a life changing experience.  Witnessing the love and support among a group of Black women, who are often accused of being petty, catty and jealous, was amazing.  Immediately I knew that was something I desired to be a part of.  
    2. My favorite food in the world is crabs.  Prepared with lots of Old Bay seasoning.  Not just the legs, the whole crab.  I love to sit with my cousins, playing spades in the summer with a bushel of crabs between us, cracking, biting, sucking and eating…ahhhh memories!
    3. I have 2 nieces, 1 nephew and 2 great nieces and 1 great nephew.  My sister’s family gets started early!
    4. I sing alto in my church choir.  I can’t really sing, but I blend nicely with the group! lol.
    5. I got into quite a bit of fights in my childhood.  No I am not gangster…in fact I am far from it, but girls in the city I grew up in were just vicious! lol!
    6. I’ve been obsessed with my hair for as long as I can remember, this is not a recent thing.  I would march to my mother when I was only 3 years old and tell her my hair needed to be re-done and direct her through the style I wanted.
    7. I knit fairly well.  Actually last year I made all my Christmas gifts.  I plan to do the same this year…hmmm, I guess I should get started, huh?! 
    Folks I’m awarding the Kreativ Blogger Award & Tagging: 
    (I really want to cheat and say “I’m tagging everyone” but here are a few specific blogs)
    1. – lovely fashion blog, real looks that we with real lives can actually wear.
    2. – another great fashion blog which I found through High Heels & Good Meals (which is also an amazing blog!!!).
    3. – weight loss blog and fellow LHCF member.  She’s determined ya’ll and has motivated me!
    4. – AMAZING fashion blog and a newbie on her hair journey, plus her name is Eboni with an “i”!  lol.
    5. – one of the first fashion blogs I started following, plus she’s into hair! SCOREEEE!
    6. – I love Deb’s blog!  She’s newly natural after a long-term transition, and like me blogs about different things aside from hair.  Fashion, Shoes, Weight Loss…make me love being a girl!
    7. – fashion blogger who is ALSO into her hair.  She recently reached APL! *woot woot* Lately she’s been inspiring me with her hat ‘dos.  I need to up my hat game! lol.

    Whewwwww, it was hard coming up with 7 that hadn’t necessarily been awarded but once I started thinking, I realize I follow a lot of great people!  

    • Thanks mam! Off to complete my form now 🙂

    • this was such a thoughtful post!! i loved reading all your commentary especially abt venting in an articulate manner BECAUSE it made me realize i do the same exact thing and i have the same reaction when people don’t get it. that’s soooo funny. i even send follow up emails to make sure people get it. haha. i can be so anal and annoying.

      thanks so much for passing the award along to me 🙂

    • FEG

      Wow Soror – I find out each day that we have more in common!!! 🙂

    • Thanks for my award miss lady! Oh gosh…does this mean i’m suppose to do the same kind of post?? :-/

    • OOO Ebony! Thank you for the award! Yes I think only people of our generation know what is double dutch…which I have no idea how to do! And you would eat a whole bag of sunflower seeds??? WOW, glad you don’t because the salt content is extraordinarily high!!

    • Congrats on the award and THANK YOU so much for awarding me!!! I’m so honored to be among the list of such fabulous bloggers!

    • love your answers!!!!! especially the venting part

    • Congratulations doll on the blog award and loving your facts!! Congrats to the ones receiving it too.

      <3 Marina