L4L Christmas Wish List Ideas

L4L Christmas Wish List Ideas


Everyone KNOWS how much I love Christmas and how big my family celebrates it!  Starting with thankfulness for the birth of Christ, to the love shared with family, great food and amazing memories – it by far is my favorite holiday.  In fact, my Christmas shopping is complete, I’m always super early and I just love gift giving!  Anyway, every year my family asks what I want for Christmas.  Now, if you L4L Christmas Wish List Ideasdid not know my brother and I, and you simply watched my mother’s actions – you’d swear she has two small children instead of two grown people in their 30s!  Around September my mother starts requesting Christmas wish lists – yes even at 30 years old – because she enjoys gift giving but hates trying to figure out what we want.  I am usually prepared with one or two items when asked, but every single year my mother acts as if I did not give her enough options and still stresses about gift buying!  Never fails!  It is actually one of the traditions we all laugh about.

My “list” usually includes at least one hair item, you may remember last year I was gifted my amazing hooded dryer?  One of the best gifts EVER!  Had I known it would change my life the way it has, I would’ve bought it years earlier!  Anyway, if your family is like mine and demands a list – instead of pausing to think and promising to get back to them, here is a ready made Christmas wish list you can forward!

Christmas Wish List Ideas for Women

I really need to replace my broken hair steamer so I think that may go on my list this year.  How much you wanna bet my mother is going to come back to me around December 1st in a stressed out voice and ask “What ELSE do you want for Christmas?”  Maybe since she has her first grandchild, she will actually get over the idea that we need mounds of gifts!  My two item list is plenty long enough, lol.

  • mandy

    i would love a steamer too! i have been looking at LCL beauty. they don’t seem to have the same issues as the heutiful and sacura! which one do you have in mind? also would love some kerastase but that price! as i do not live in the US i know it will cost me twice as much -.-

    • I had the Huetiful one but it broke after 5 months so I would not recommend it. I’ve not heard anything negative about the LCL steamer either. You should check Kerastase, those in the UK & other parts of Europe have said it is actually much cheaper for them.

      • mandy

        unfortunately i live in the carribbean,when i visited England a few months ago i did notice how much cheaper it was! wish i had picked it up!

  • Britt @ One&20

    I was JUST looking at that curling iron at Sephora!
    Seeing it again just confirmed that I should go ahead and request it for Christmas 🙂
    Britt @ One&20

    • YES! And mine was around $40 from Amazon….and it works so beautifully!

  • Dessy Gt

    I herd about the kerastase, i hope u get it.

  • From Mrs. to Mom

    I’m insanely jealous that you are done Christmas shopping already. I’m definitely forwarding this list to my Santa, lol!

    • LOL! And I’m sure it will be extra special this year since CJ will be very aware of exactly what is going on.

  • Misskthpriss

    Make sure you get the cheaper model steamer from LCL. The professional one requires distilled water which is a pain in the butt. Other than that, I absolutely love this steamer.

  • jnicole078

    I am going to be your mom when my kids are grown. My daughter Brionna asked me last year how old are they (her and my 3 boys) going to be when they stop getting gifts. My answer when you have kids, but I imagine i will still get them gifts.