L4L Holiday Gift Guide | Hair & Beauty Edition

L4L Holiday Gift Guide | Hair & Beauty Edition


Christmas is a huge deal for my family and I think almost all year about buying that perfect item for every friend and family member…the less generic the better! So I am encouraging you to break away from the scented candles and bubble bath bundle as your go-to gifts for women this year!  While those are safe they are also extremely predictable; the suggestions in the L4L gift guide will have your special lady, friends and family squealing with glee upon opening.  Even better – almost of the gifts are under $100!  Even if you aren’t searching for the perfect gift for your mother, sister, aunt, niece or friend, put a few of the items on your own wishlist or add it to the cart for yourself!

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1TGIN Moisture Collection

One of my absolute favorite product lines that I’ve only recently discovered, TGIN has an amazing “sample” pack available for only $19.99!  You can gift someone with an entire healthy hair regimen with TGIN’s most popular products and they are conveniently packaged in travel sizes.

2Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer

Every single natural hair girl needs this in their life.  It’s that serious.  Getting the perfect volume at the roots, gentle detangling before washing, restyling between washes, infusing moisture into the hair….this tool does all of this and more!  Personally, I cannot get my hair into a smooth ponytail (high or low) without using this to help me stretch and smooth my hair.  Even if the $69.95 price tag seems a bit pricey, the recipient of this gift will be thanking you for YEARS to come!

3Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush

How much have I raved about this amazing hair tool?  And that doesn’t even include my friends and family hearing about it nearly every wash day!  It does an amazing job detangling my hair without causing breakage and makes styling so much faster and easier.  Definitely worth the $14.00 and as an added bonus you are supporting an African American female entrepreneur.  Because this brush is available mainly online, most women don’t already have one and will love you for giving this to them!

4CurlKit Subscription

The women in your life will absolutely FLIP over receiving a gifted CurlKit subscription!  For those who are not already familiar – CurlKit is a simple service that delivers a box full of top-shelf, natural hair care brands right to your door, for wayyy less than their individual cost. Sometimes the products are sample-sized, sometimes they are full sized and you can cancel anytime.  The cost is $20 + $5 shipping, and you can get 10% off by clicking here.

5Nouritress Hair Vitamins

This is the only hair vitamin I’m personally comfortable taking because it doesn’t cause my skin to terribly break out.  I started slowly just to test it out and now am taking it faithfully twice per day.  Many healthy hair seekers have been dying to try hair vitamins forEVER but just never took the time to splurge for their own supply. Get your girl a few bottles to get her started!

6Interchangeable Curl Wand & Flat Iron Combo

Straight, spiraled, curled, flipped – whatever way you want to wear your hair, you can achieve it with ONE tool that does everything!  I’m so happy they’ve made interchangeable style curling wands so you don’t have to decide which size or style barrel you want.  It is even better that this model also comes with a ceramic plated flat iron and only costs $54!  Value plus quality.

7Spa & Wellness Gift Card

Gift cards are usually seen as impersonal and generic, but as someone who has received a Spa & Wellness Gift Card, trust me it is one of the best things EVER!  You can choose from over 8000+ participating spa and beauty parlors in your area – or even save it for vacation.  I used mine for a facial before attending a wedding once and another time for a mani-pedi.  The recipient gets to choose what service, where they go and when, but they will remember you were the one who gave them a special treat.  Choose from gift cards between $25-500 at SpaWeek.com, save 12% using code BLOG2X.

8Science of Black Hair / Transitioning

I have been a fan of the author of these two amazing healthy hair books, Audrey Davis-Sivasothy for years. Since she was writing free blog on on Yahoo! Black Voices.  Yup…that long.  I’ve purchased all of her books out of support, but found some great tips, recommendations and reminders in them.  These are great gift ideas for anyone (relaxed, natural and of course transitioning since it has a dedicated version) because books are something many women intend to buy but usually forget.  Plus unlike novels, The Science of Black Hair and The Science of Transitioning are reference books; The information found in them will be useful throughout your entire hair journey – beginning, middle, and maintenance mode.

9Lighted Makeup Train Case

For the beauty lovers and frequent travelers in your life, this case is the ultimate makeup bag!  Large enough to hold everything you need while traveling (or even storage at home), the splurge is with the fact that it is lighted!  How many times are you stuck in a dimly lit hotel room before the sun comes up trying to make sure your makeup is right?  Like every trip, right!  This item – while barely over $100 – is worth buying one for your friend, and yourself!

10Hooded Hair Dryer

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made was my hooded dryer.  Mine is about four years old and has been heavily used but still works like brand new.  It makes it extremely easy to avoid using direct heat because of the ease of drying and stretching my hair with my dryer.  Roller and rod sets are super easy and fast as well.  This item is just over $100, but will pay for itself many times over.  Make your girl’s day with this gift!!!

11Rolling Beauty Cart

Staying along the lines of storage, this rolling cart will be a God send to everyone whose cabinets are overflowing with hair products, rollers, pins and tools!  Keep it in a closet, corner or right in the bathroom itself and you will be able to store everything in one place and roll it out as needed.  This beauty cart even has a mixing boql so if you do your own hair color or like to add extras into your conditioner (like oil, honey, egg, etc) you can do it right on top! With a price tag under $40, this is a steal and nobody will guess this gift!

12ScentBird Subscription

Talk about thinking outside of the box!  Gift your female friend or relative with a subscription to ScentBird.  Scentbird sends you 30-day supply of a designer fragrance each month for $14.95. Unlike other subscription boxes, Scentbird allows you to pick which scent you want from over 450+ fragrances, ensuring you’re always happy with what you receive. Your ScentBird selections arrive in a chic purse sized sprayer, perfect for travel.

13Fab Hair 1984 Bundles

This may seem like a weird gift to give someone, but if the woman you are gifting just happens to be a weave-wearer, trust me she will love you for this!  Good weave is usually expensive and researching from whom to buy can be overwhelming.  Fab Hair 1984 is black owned and offers a variety of textures, so no matter what your weavenista friend or family member is into, you will be able to hook her up just in time for New Year’s Eve!  As an added bonus, L4L readers get 10% off single bundles using code FABHAIR10.

14Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap

I absolutely, positively love and adore my cap from Thermal Hair Care! These caps are extremely comfortable and durable (I’ve used mine weekly for about 3-4 years).  No more product seeping down your face as you sweat under the dryer to deep condition.  I especially love that you aren’t restricted to being near an outlet and can easily deep condition overnight without fear of soaking your pillow.  Thermal Hair Care offers conditioning caps for both women and children, give both to the mommies in your life!

15Secura Hair & Facial Steamer

If your lady friend or relative is really into taking excellent care of her hair at home, then she will love being gifted a steamer.  Honestly, steaming regularly made my hair the healthiest it has ever been.  I’ve gotten away from doing it, purely out of laziness…but I recently started going to a salon that offers steam hydration treatments and I take advantage every time.  Steaming your hair is like deep conditioning on steroids and not only remedies dryness, but prevents it from happening in the first place.  Plus this steamer is also a 2-in-1 hair and face steamer, so you can do facials at home as well.

16CWK Girls Stretch Plates

I’ve been dying to dry these genius plastic plates that are designed specifically to stretch natural hair without the need for direct heat.  Stretched and semi-straight hair without a blow dryer or flat iron?  Yes ma’am!  Plus, these plates mean you don’t have to wear your arms out by tackling the task of blow drying…win, win situation.  Get yours from their website here.


Curlformers are mesh spiral rollers that are used by pulling your hair through the “roller” rather than wrapping it around like traditional rods and rollers.  They are used to create spirals, curls and waves depending on the width used, whether applied to wet or dry hair and the thickness of sections.  Because of their unique design, hair often dries much faster than when set on flexi rods or perm rods.  Natural ladies also use Curlformers to stretch their hair without using heat.

18Essential & Carrier Oil Variety Packs

Essential oils are concentrated because they are obtained by distillation and often have the fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.  Because of their strength, essential oils should never be applied directly to the scalp and are usually mixed with carrier oils.  Give a gift of various essential and carrier oil packs; The recipient of this present will be able to mix their own oil blends according to their needs.  Lavendar + grapeseed oil for glowing skin, Tea Tree + avocado for healthy scalp and Nettle + Rosemary + Castor for increased hair growth, just to name a few. Make it extra special by including homemade recipe cards.

19 Obia Naturals Sample Pack

Another awesome sample pack, Obia Naturals offers three of their best selling products at only $10!  The great thing about giving a sample pack is it gives your girlfriend or relative the opportunity to try something they may have been eyeing already without overwhelming them with new products.  Small, simple, travel approved and inexpensive!  She’ll love it.

20Massaging Shampoo Brush

Anyone who has trouble cleaning their hair – perhaps an elderly female friend or relative – or has issues with buildup, dandruff or scalp dryness could benefit from using a shampoo brush.  And this one is a step up from the oldies, it vibrates, giving a spa-like quality to your wash day.  Price?  Only $19.99!  Pair it with one of the sample packs an you’ll go down as one of the best gift givers EVER!