L4L Relaxer Recommendations

L4L Relaxer Recommendations


As many of my faithful followers know, my staple relaxer for the past two years has been Optimum Care Salon Collection No-Lye relaxer.  Up until I tried this relaxer, I did not have a particular brand that I loved and swore by – they all pretty much straightened my hair decently but I never noticed any major differences during or prior to my HHJ.  However, I have not been one who switches their relaxer with each touch up and only started self relaxing since my hair journey began because I prefer going to the salon (but I don’t have a trusted stylist in my current city).  Therefore I really am not that experienced with trying a lot of “box perms” or relaxers designed to be used at home.  But there are certain relaxers that generally receive raving reviews across the board in the hair forum/blog world so I figured I would compile a post with a few relaxer recommendations for anyone looking to find their staple relaxer.

relaxer recommendation Optimum Care Salon Collection Anti-Breakage No-Lye Relaxer.  Of course I’m going to start with my staple relaxer!  I have a full review of this product but to summarize, I initially selected this relaxer because of the ceramide complex it contains.  Ceramides help repair the cuticle of the hair shaft and are particularly effective for relaxed hair among other things, and from the first use I could tell that my hair felt much smoother and silkier than any relaxers I’d used previously.  Although it is no-lye, it does not leave my hair feeling dry and also never burns my scalp.  I also love that the Optimum Care Salon collection contains everything I need for my relaxer day:  I use the relaxer to touch up, the reconstructor as my mid-protein wash and the leave in conditioner once I’ve neutralized.  I also use the packets of Optimum Care Deep Conditioning Masque to deep condition which are sold separately.  I like having “one line” of products that I use on relaxer day.

relaxer recommendation Profectiv Mega Growth Anti-Damage No-Lye Relaxer.  I’ve not actually used this relaxed but was sent it to review and applied it to my cousin’s hair.  I really love the amount of protein and natural oils within the ingredients and it left my cousin’s hair feeling really silky and soft, but best of all it seemed to completely stop her shedding and breakage.  Like I do with Optimum Care, we used the entire line exclusively on her hair.  These products smell really amazing and seem to do an excellent job of strengthening.  She experienced no burning at all.  Lastly, the way the relaxer is packaged is really unique – instead of there being one large tub of relaxer creme and a liquid activator, it is sold in packets.  So to prepare the relaxer you mix one, two or more packets of the relaxer and activator together, both of which are in creme form.  This helps because you can choose to mix more or less, depending on the amount of new growth you have.

relaxer recommendations ORS Olive Oil No-Lye Relaxer.  A longtime favorite of beauty YouTube creator, ULoveMegz, this relaxer seems to be a hit with everyone who tries it.  Reports of a consistent burn free experience is the major sentiment many ladies share.  I have never used this relaxer myself, but I always mention it to those who are considering switching relaxers simply because it is such a favorite among so many healthy hair journeyers.  Also, if you are looking to texlax your hair (intentionally underprocess to leave additional texture), this is the formula nearly every popular texlaxed blogger uses – Traycee of KISS, Jeni of Just Grow Already and now even Megz herself.  From following these and other ladies, it seems that many of their texlaxed hair journeys began because of accidental underprocessing with this relaxer so if thin hair is your problem, this may be the one for you!

relaxer recommendations Mizani Butter Blend Sensitive Scalp.  I actually used this relaxer in the last salon I patronized and liked the results.  I loved the fact that it did not burn my scalp, it truly is for those with sensitive scalps.  It relaxed my hair straight but never left it lifeless looking and I had consistently great results.  I will say though that a deep chelating shampoo is a MUST when using this relaxer because it did leave my hair feeling dry if only a regular neutralizing shampoo was used.  I always followed up the week after my touch up with a chelating shampoo to restore my regular moisture levels.  This is also a big favorite in the online healthy hair world.

  • God i miss the creamy crack! I really want my hair short again like how I used to wear it.

  • Sasha

    I may try the Optimum relaxer this time. Since all the products are included I’ll give it a shot.

  • Nia

    Optimum burned the mess out of me! I’m scared to try it again, but all the goodies in the box are awesome!
    I tried Silk Elements NL last time and that is my new ride or die!

  • Patrice

    I’ve tried A LOT of relaxers (both lye and no lye) and what works best for my hair and scalp would have to be Silk Elements Olive Oil No Lye. It’s my top pick.

  • I can’t do the no-lye … but my favorite is Mizani Butter Blends, hands down!

  • Finally Getting Long

    Alma Legend Rocks!*

  • Breanna Ransburg

    I just used Optimum for the first time this past weekend and it did burn, but it left my hair feeling silkier and smoother than EVER before! I will try it again on my next relaxer day, but if it burns again, I might have to switch to something else!