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Ebony C. Princess
I began chronicling my personal journey towards healthy, long hair via YouTube in 2009 purely as a hobby. I enjoyed learning and sharing with others and began blogging in 2011 as a way to further document my quest in growing long hair. Many of the resources I found online were started by women after they’d achieved some level of success on their healthy hair journeys. I wanted to show the entire story, from start to finish, the ups and downs, triumphs and failures. Longing 4 Length shares what I have learned, what works for my hair and options for them to try for themselves. Within Longing 4 Length you will find in-depth informative articles, thorough and honest product reviews, a plethora of styling options and step-by-step tutorials. While there are many online resources for healthy hair, Longing 4 Length is special because it is professional while being personal and informative yet fun. Subscribe and you will learn a bit more about me…L4L is like reading about my life thru hair!


Monét Fitzgerald
Natural Hair Blogger
Monèt is the founder and creator of Curls and Mo. Monèt has been in love with her natural hair since November 2009 when she saw the movie “Good Hair” and decided to start transitioning. She was completely liberated in January 2011 when she cut off the last of her relaxer. Monèt dedicates her personal time to family and friends and being active in several different charities. In addition, she enjoys educating other naturals about their hair and journey. Monèt’s motto is “be the change you want to see” and she lives in New York. Find out more about Monèt and her hair at her personal blog, www.curlsandmo.com.

  • Twitter: @CurlsandMo
  • ­Instagram: @curlsandmo
  • ­Email: Monet@Longing4Length.com


Roni Gilbert
Natural Hair Blogger
Also known as Chic Roni, is a wife, mom, self-proclaimed fashionista and blogger. Obsessed with (in no particular order) natural hair, makeup, shopping, social media and coupons. You will probably find me (and my curls) on the cosmetics aisle coupons in one hand, cell in the other looking for the perfect lip gloss. Find out more about Roni and her hair at her personal blog, www.thesavvyhousewife.com..

  • Twitter: @ChicRoni
  • ­Instagram: @chicroni
  • ­Email: Roni@Longing4Length.com


Kelly Monroe
Fashion Blogger
Kelleashia who is more affectionately known as Kelly, is a full time health care employee and graduate student. She loves all things fashion related from hair, makeup, clothing and shoes! Her hobbies include blogging, personal styling, and expanding her mind through learning new things. Her blog showcases fashion trends for the curvy and confident and recently it has centered on her glorious mane of blonde tresses. Check out her fashion and hair on her personal blog: kellymonroe.blogspot.com

  • Twitter: @KellyMonroe_01
  • ­Instagram: @KellyMonroe_01
  • ­Email: Kelly@Longing4Length.com
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