#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: Grapeseed Oil Uses

14-Grapeseed Oil Uses - Longing 4 Length


Grapeseed oil in an excellent choice for hair because of its high content of ceramides.

For more information, check out How Ceramides Benefit Hair.

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  • S.O.S Hair

    Thanks for sharing Ebony! I’ve been sleeping on grapeseed oil.


    • http://www.longing4length.com/ EbonyCPrincess

      You are welcome, thanks for visiting.

  • Blessed Tresses (Robin)

    I can testify….grapeseed oil is wonderful. My hair loves it!!!

    • http://www.longing4length.com/ EbonyCPrincess

      Mine too…this and coconut oil are my faves!

  • Cassandra Barksdale

    Where can I purchase this product

    • http://www.longing4length.com/ EbonyCPrincess

      Most grocery stores carry it or you can order online – http://amzn.to/S6qlVt

  • http://www.myhealthyhairdiary.blogspot.com/ Healthy Hair Diary

    I really want to get my hands on the napa valley brand of grapeseed oil!

    • http://www.longing4length.com/ EbonyCPrincess

      It’s really nice, I noticed the difference when I switched.

  • Cassandra Barksdale