#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: How To Silk Wrap Your Hair

8-How to Silk Wrap Your Hair - Longing 4 Length


For a video tutorial, check out How to Rollerwrap Your Hair.

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A self proclaimed hair enthusiast and healthy hair advocate, Ebony C, Princess is the chief editor of Longing 4 Length. She shares her personal journey towards growing long, healthy hair while providing hair care tips and information.

  • Lisa

    Beautiul! Is that you hair length at the moment?

    • http://www.longing4length.com/ EbonyCPrincess

      Thank you. To my best knowledge it is a few inches longer than that photo currently but I haven’t worn it straight since December so I’m not quite sure actually. :-)

      • Lisa

        Great! I m impressed how you managed to wrap it. I never did at that length. Always got a dent somewhere.

  • Nicole Hunter

    Is this to be done on dry, damp, or wet hair?