L4LPSC: 2nd Check In!

L4LPSC: 2nd Check In!


L4LPSC Check In One more month left in the L4LPSC!  Let me start off with how last month went for me:  I feel like I didn’t show quite as many creative hairstyles during February…but I’m proud that I still met my goal of providing at least one tutorial per week.  I wore my hair down once for church during February, in a braidout but immediately pulled it up once I arrived home.  Sidenote – am I the only one who takes the BEST naps after church  known to man?!

I tried a new product that is quite popular, but just new to me – Cantu Shea Butter Leave In.  I was over a friend’s house when I used it to create the braidout pictured and oh my word…I see why it’s so popular.  Just as soon as I finish a couple of my products, I plan to purchase it for myself for a full review.  You may remember me saying the one area of my hair regimen that does not have an absolute staple preferred product is my leave-in.  If you’ve used this product, please let me know how you liked it and how it works best for you.

I am definitely 9 weeks post right now, my buns aren’t looking as great so I spent most of the month in a sloppy looking bun.  I’ve noticed a big increase in shedding.  Remember last week’s wash day when I thought it was due to not moisturizing regularly?  Well – this week I made a great effort to M & S every day but it still seems to be shedding.  At first I thought it was because my hair was cornrowed for a few days, first with my Diana Ross wig then with my u-part from Tonsure Hair – which many of you loved via Instagram!  Thanks for making me feel glamorous!

My U-Part from Tonsure Hair

But even after I took my braids down and wore a regular old bun, the shedding was still more than I feel comfortable with.  So, I’ve decided to ride out the rest of the challenge and end my stretch by hiding my hair under a wig – style and details to come.  I plan on relaxing my hair at the end of the challenge to have a good comparison for my retention.  If I retain an inch, it was successful for me.  I know we average a half inch per month, but if I can even retain one inch every three months that means at the end of the year I will have gained 4 inches in length.  I can live with that!  But we’ll see because I’ve not checked my length at all – last year got me out of the habit of continuously watching my hair growth and I am thankful for that.  I swear holding that mirror up in the bathroom to see the back of my head every week is nerve racking, lol!

How is everyone doing?  Has the L4LPSC helped any of you become a protective styler?  I’ll admit I’m a reformed “hair out” wearer – I would have never thought it possible for me to go three months with my hair up.  Granted, I can’t just do regular buns – I enjoy styling my hair too much for that, but I haven’t felt nearly as restricted as I thought I would.

On the other hand, you may be ready to just let it whip!  Keeping your hair up for three straight months is not an easy feat; is anyone ready to rip their ponytail holders and bobby pins out and let your hair flow in the wind?  (let me stop talking about it because the more I think about it…the more I want to do it! lol).  Let me know how its going and bloggers – link up below so we can stop by! 🙂

By the way, I picked the winners of the Ampro Silk Edges Giveaway and notified the winners via email:  Shanequa of Fashion Pad, Kathy of Blutifully Blaq Hair and Ashley B.  Congratulations!!!

  • Shaniqua

    This challenge has been great for my hair. I wore a bun all month long but its working! Lol

    • Girl you are REALLY doing your thing with retention! Go go growwwww! lol

  • Mandy

    Another great post!

    • Mandy

      BTW that wig is lovely!!!!!!!!

  • LandyCourtney Watson

    Yeah, I didn’t do anything terribly exciting with my hair this month either. Buns for the most part. I had 2 down days & used a heat pass when my husband and I went out to one of the All-Star weekend games. I wore it down that Sat too because I’d spent so much time blow drying and flat-ironing! I’m 10 weeks post and trying to make it 4 more weeks! Really enjoying this challenge!

    • I’ve wanted to go to all-star weekend since I was a little girl. I would have DEFINITELY let my hair down for that! But no more heat for you!!! 😉

  • LaQT/ Ty

    Not ready to let my hair out. My hair is debuting at BSL, no if, ands or buts about it. I’ve had my whole life to wear my hair out. I’m trying to get to lengths I’ve never been. So if boredom is all, I can deal with that.
    I’m currently wigging it a part of a 1 yr sew in challenge so I signed up for 100% hide my hair. The wigs will hopefully keep me from getting bored.

  • BeautifulMe

    So, I moved too quickly and didn’t put my pic and I can’t seem to start over so…those tools are me lol

  • FEG

    Ms. ECP – your U-part wig is everything!!! You look so pretty and it’s very sexy, but in just the right way (the hair over the eye, just so…the layers in the back…love it!). It looks so natural too.

  • If we had to flat iron our bit of leave out, does that count as using the heat pass, or does it apply only to whole head flat ironing/blow drying?

    • No ma’am leave out flat ironing does not count, although I do try to avoid doing it too often when wearing a sew in or u-part.

  • I’m 10 weeks post and having tons of shedding. Although I’m not in the challenge (boo :() I have no idea what to do. I plan to relax this weekend hopefully but I wish I knew how to stop this stupid shedding! I would really like to do wigs for the rest of winter and most of Spring but I have a hard making my wigs look natural- so I’m stuck!

    • I am about 10 weeks post and having a great deal of shedding too. My answer was to braid my hair and wear a wig. There are two things that ladies report have helped decrease shedding: garlic and black tea rinses. There are garlic conditioners, some people real garlic – crush it and add it to their conditioners and others use garlic oil. As for the black tea rinses, check out the article below for more info. I have to be honest and say I’ve never done either of them (too lazy) but a lot of women swear by it! http://www.justgrowalready.com/2011/08/quick-q-on-black-tea-rinses.html

  • Melanie

    I am also loving your u-part wig! I seriously have adopted your philosophy when it comes to weave during this challenge. Its easy, fun and benefits my hair. How can I go wrong? The challenge is still going great for me as well. So glad I joined!

    • Thanks Melanie! It really is, I’m glad to have a new convert! 🙂

  • Candice

    Im not officially in the challenge but my hair is always up anyway. I’m 14 weeks post and don’t know what to do with my hair. I applaud all you ladies who get creative week after week.

    • Girl at 14 weeks post I’m not so creative either – wigs to the rescue! lol

  • Andrea Bonds

    Loving that U-part ECP. So cute! Well I have been doing pretty well except that I’ve had two heat passes. I didn’t even think about it until just now. I just had a touch up and since I texlaxed I wanted to straighten my roots. 🙁 I had to tell on myself. lol. Even though I’ve pretty much DQ’d I’m still planning to keep to the rules until the end of the challenge. I still want to reap the benefits of protecting my hair! 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s okay – the rules are to keep us accountable and to try to give us the healthiest hair possible. You’re still in it to win it at the end, no worries! But its best to be honest with yourself and your hair!!! lol!

  • Carbride

    I’m still hanging in there. I haven’t used any down days or my heat pass. The problem I’ve been having is my layers!! They are giving me the Blues!!! No matter what type of bun I do my layers seem to poke out. I guess its bittersweet, because I guess that means my hair is growing.
    BTW I love the cantu leave-in. Just be careful not to use to much at once because it will leave white residue.

    • Awesomeness for not using heat or down days! Yes, growing out layers can be extremely frustrating…I like the look of them though. Thanks re: the cantu – I’m trying my best to use up some of these products I have so I can make room in my stash for it!

  • Delreese Gifft

    So far, I haven’t had any real difficulties with the challenge, except for finding creative ways to do my hair. I’ve used a couple of my down days, but no heat pass as yet. I’m just getting really bored with my hair, so I’m hoping my idea of throwing in crochet braids will get me excited about protective styling again. Oh! And my new growth is the pits right now lol. It just refuses to lay down when I try to put my hair in buns and such, so I’m still experimenting with that part. Hopefully, I’ll find something that works so that I can look a bit more put together.