L4LPSC: Final Check In & Voting!

L4LPSC: Final Check In & Voting!


I’ve already reported my successes of the Protective Styling Challenge, it’s your turn!  If you stuck to the rules and protected the crap outta your hair, we’re all anxious to see the rewards you reaped!  Show it off ladies, all that great retention, thickness, whatever it is that you gained from the challenge….and even if you had a setback, please share that as well because it will help others to learn from your lessons.  So, for the final time – bloggers add your links using the tools below and NON bloggers (which I believe there was only one or two) upload your pic using Disqus in the comments section.  I’ve learned a bit of how I’d like to tweak the next challenge so everyone can participate equally, so for all those who shadowed and/or plan to participate in the next one, hold tight!  We’re gonna do it!

L4LPSC Final Check in

For completeness’ sake, I took a few more length photos in the same exact bra from January’s length check and here you can REALLY see my retention.  I’m so happy, it looks like I retained nearly all of my growth.  I could use a trim, but I don’t plan to get one til closer to the end of the year and hopefully then I’ll be cutting back to an even full BSL, nice and thick all the way down. Overall…this challenge was a complete success for me.  Thank you so much for being with me through it all ladies, whether you were a challenger or not!

You have one week during which you may add your link.  Voting begins May 7 and ends May 15th.  Come back to see everyone’s updates and let your friends and family know to vote for you!  Winner will receive their own Pebco dryer!

  • Tonkabelle

    Ebony, your hair looks so lovely and really grew – you retained all of your length!!

    • Thank you SO much! I believe I did too! BSL or BUST! lol

  • congrats great progress

    • Thanks! BTW – I started using Liquid Gold Hair Growth oil and saw you had a video on it. How long did you end up using it and what are your final thoughts? You can just link me to a video if you already posted a follow up. 🙂

  • BeautifulMe

    you had great progress. Congrats!

  • Shawnie Chenelle

    Great results, Ebony! 🙂

  • Lydz

    Great progress!

  • ghanaianemprezz

    I’ll repeat what i said; BSL this year whether your hair likes it or not!!!

  • Titilope Bolaji

    Hello, please I need an urgent response from you, I’m on a healthy hair journey, started with shoulder level last august but I’m almost Armpit Level now but the problem is I’m not comfortable with the way my hair sheds, whenever I comb my hair, I find strands of hair on the floor where I stand to comb,pls what can I do or use. I use organics relaxer, treatment et al.
    you can reach me on akuretitilope@yahoo.com or titilopebolaji@gmail.com.

    • I can suggest three things: (1) Make sure you are using seamless combs, like the ones I’ve recommended from Hercules Sageman (hotcombs.net). (2) Try using black tea rinses or garlic products (pills, shampoos, conditioner, oil) to reduce shedding and (3) drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet and take a daily multivitamin. Hopefully one or all three of those things will help you reduce shedding.

  • Carbride

    I’m glad I can say I successfully completed the challenge. I used my heat pass and 2 down days. Other than that my hair was in some type of twist, braid, or bun.
    Breakage, detangling, and uncooperative layers proved to be the most difficult for me. I’ve learned a lot about my hair during this challenge and I’m so happy that I participated in it. Here’s my before and after pictures.

    • OMG!!!! I am so in love with your hair! Awesome awesome awesome results! I also saw your email this week, I’m about to reply now. 🙂

      • Carbride

        Thank you..

  • Ebony, your results are beautiful!! Your retention was great!! Yay for you! Thanks for hosting the challenge. I enjoyed it!

  • Candice

    Your hair looks great, I think you retained all your length, BSL for sure this year. The other ladies did a greatjob also its hard to choose 🙂

  • Misskthpriss

    This was a little confusing to vote. I actually wanted to vote for the non-blogger below, but really didn’t know how. I also cast my real vote accidentally…thought the link may take me to a place to vote…silly me.