Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil Review: Before and After

Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil Review: Before and After


As promised in my recent hair ramble, I am finally back to give my thoughts and most importantly comparison photos for my full Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil review.  To be real, there are only two very important things I want to know when seeing a growth aid review:  whether or not it works – with proof if possible – and if there are any side effects.

Well, I can tell you that it absolutely works.  I took the before and after pictures for documentation (for you and me!) and it appears as if I grew and retained one inch of growth in one month.  I applied it approximately 5 days per week for one month.  In the May 2013 photos, my hair was rollerset and the roots were not completely straight so I have photos with the natural length/shrunken roots and also with me stretching my hair for thoroughness.

Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil Review
Without stretching the roots

What do you think?!  Am I exaggerating about it being an inch, judging from the photos?  Well, in the stretched photo below I think you get a much clearer view;  Evidence of a lot of new growth as well! 

Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil Review

I also measured my hair in several places throughout my head both before and after using the Liquid Gold Hair growth oil and it grew from approximately 11 to 12 inches in length, which unfortunately I did not record on video.

liquid gold hair growth oil review
One Month Comparison

As for the second point – I experienced no side effects at all.  Sulfur based growth aids usually do not have any serious side effects which is why it is the only growth aid I’ve ever used.  Of course, I wouldn’t advise anyone with an allergy to sulfur to use it.  In comparison to the Bee Mine Growth Oil (the only other growth aid I’ve ever used) I would say the growth results are about the same except this oil has a much lighter smell – less of a medicine-like sulfur smell which requires less fragrance to cover it, so overall the scent is lighter.  I also suspect that the Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil contains less actual sulfur than the Bee Mine does because it did not dry my hair out as sulfur tends to do.  That is one of the primary reasons it is somewhat difficult for me to remain consistent with the Bee Mine Growth Oil, after a few days of consistent use my hair does begin to feel dry.  Liquid Gold actually warns that this may happen, but I experienced no dryness.  I did actually do a mid-week co-wash a few times using Hair One just to be on the safe side, but I never felt it was an absolute necessity.

The price is pretty good ($10 for 4 oz.) and four ounces lasted about a month for me.  I know most women would and have paid a lot more for products that promised hair growth that were complete failures so I am happily spending $10 per month on a product I know works.

I’ve been asked about the shipping a few times and I have to be honest, I don’t remember exactly how many days it took for me to receive my product but I do believe it was under one week and arrived via USPS.  I can’t think of anything else that would make this view more helpful for you, but if you have any questions – please leave it below and I will happily answer.

For those who did not see my disclaimer when I first mentioned this product, I am an affiliate of Liquid Gold Hair Products and will receive credit should you order through one my ads or links.  However, I purchased both bottles with my own money, opinions are honest and the photos are real and accurate.  

  • Your hair looks way thicker in the ‘after’ pic! I’m sold on this!

    • Thanks, I noticed a difference in thickness too and in the amount of new growth. I think you will love it.

  • ValerieB

    I personally cannot tell about a difference in length but I agree that your hair in the after pictures appears much fuller.

    • Thanks for your honest comment! I notice a difference in thickness also, but my hair was only grazing the top of my bra strap in April where as it now is reaching the bottom when I stretch the new growth/roots.

  • guyanesesista

    I see the difference. Looks like it definitely works. I can’t use sulfur though, I’m allergic. It makes my hair grow faster but it irritates my scalp. :-/

    • Poor baby! And see I couldn’t do the MN everyone was on a few years ago since I’m already migrane prone.

      • guyanesesista

        MN works for me but I can’t be in my head everyday applying stuff to my scalp. I barely wanna moisturize.

        • That’s my problem! I’ve been using braid sprays to moisturize under my wigs, and I’ve STILL been inconsistent. I’m so lazy!

    • B Dav

      It irritates me, too 🙁
      But I’ve read that cucumbers are a source of sulfur. I already LOVE them, so maybe I can just eat more of those and get a little boost… lol 🙂

  • Tomes Edition

    It definitely looks thicker….

  • B Dav

    I definitely see thickness!
    Do you have a picture of your hair stretched in April? That might be an easier comparison for length. It definitely is longer but I can’t tell if it’s a whole inch or not.

    • I don’t! I didn’t even think to do that since it was freshly relaxed. Next round I plan to do a length check on video AND measure so we can all get a better accessment…growth aid reviews are NOTHING without accurate comparisons. *le sigh* I really tried tho! lol

      • B Dav

        Maybe you should go another month and show stretched results at the end of June?

        J/k… forgot about the sew-in!

        • Yeah the sew in is definitely a factor – I prob won’t even be applying it nearly as consistently as I did April-May, but I do plan to use it and document a bit more thoroughly this fall when I return to wigs.

  • B Dav

    Btw, totally random but when is the next challenge? I started PSing under wigs on the 25th and I need someone/thing to hold me accountable!
    And did you announce the winner of the last challenge yet?

    • LOL!!! I hear you! I’m thinking about doing a PS challenge part II this fall…I really want to maximize my retention from this year (as you may be able to tell since I just got a sew in). I think by time the fall rolls around I’ll need a challenge to finish out the year strong actually. I think I’m going to do wigs this fall also…and no I haven’t announced the winner! I need to get on that, huh?! I plan to do a compilation post with some of my fave styles people shared and the winner announcement but I did already contact the winner though. At least I’m not that far behind, lol!

      • B Dav

        If you start one, I am totally in. I think I am just going to PS until I get back to MBL. And I would totally appreciate that posts to give me some ideas, since I probably won’t get back there til next summer… lol 🙂

  • Li

    Your hair is beautiful. Love the way it is cut.
    It is hard to know how much it has grown exactly but the important thing is to compared how much it grows as we dont know how much your hair normally grows a month. Also, during the spring the hair generallly grows a little more.

    Anyhow, the important thing is not what we Think but what you Think. If you see a difference, that is all that matters.

    I am lucky to have a hair that grows fast, i have a lot of new growth already after 3-4 weeks post relaxer, but imglad it Worked for you.

    • Thanks! Actually its not as difficult as you would think to tell how my hair grows since I’ve been documenting it via blogging and YouTube since ’09, but it is hard to show in photos. My hair doesn’t have any growth spurts from season to season – but I wish it did!!! 🙂

  • Courtnea2001

    I swear you’ve become my pusher for hair products! I recently purchased the liquid gold hair oil and can’t wait to do a review on it! Your results are grey and have me excited about the growth that I will see!

    • Hahahaha! I’ll be staying tuned to see how it works for you!

  • S.O.S Hair

    Interesting results. Do you think that this will be a staple in your regimen? I’m curious to see what long term (5-6 month) usage would look like.

    • I do think it will be a staple, although I won’t be applying it regularly with every style that I wear, for example its harder to do with my current sew in because I did use a net. But when I can use it regularly I plan to return to it. I’ll try to take photos/videos when I can so it can be helpful to everyone but “I” can testify that it seemed to work very well for me. I wonder too how my hair will respond to consistent use so I’ll try to do a personal challenge this fall with it.

  • There is definitely an increase in length and thickness, you are not helping with my no buying challenge lol

    • LOL!!! But this is a “good” buy to break your challenge with!

  • ChocolatestarBX

    Ebony, Thank u SOOOO much!! You are DEFINITELY a blessing to me and my daughter! I follow you religiously. Your frequent reviews and post keep me hooked. I ordered the liquid gold after I read your first post, and now seeing the actual pictures….. WOW!! You go Gurl! Your hair looks thicker and definitely longer. I pray we will have similar results. Again thanks for all the very helpful advice, Stay Blessed!

    • Wow, thank you! I realllly hope you have amazing results with it as well. I just started applying it beneath my weave so hopefully I will continue to grow and retain. Thank you again for such a beautiful comment.

  • Monique Brown

    thank you for the info and tips, now I’m using pro naturals moroccan argan oil which is really good too, reduces the frizz and leaves it soft, shiny and healthy 🙂

  • Hannah

    Did you use the sulfer based or the essential oils?

  • Breigh C Jones Crawford

    I love this oil AND I got more growth when i alternated with green magic growth cream…I tried LG for one month and LG and Green Magic for one month, and using both had me saying “daaaannnggggg” when I took down my two strand twist…I got a lot of growth when I tried using MN and oils, but LG…is the best,I just ordered my third supply…also when i get low on it and know that I wont be able to refill very soon, I add almond oil and grapeseed oil to the bottle and shake it up,and i was able to get another month supply, as long as I smelled the sulfur in the mix, I felt like it would give me similar results,and it did. it wasnt massive growth, but it kept my hair growing enough so that when I got my refill, it wouldnt take a long time for the growth to kick back in. I recommend this product over any other growth aid. im really excited about this shipment that is on its way, because I have been taking MSM 3,000 msg/day (sulfur) for 3 months now,and cant wait to see how that works in combination with LG. LG and green magic are the business!!! oh and has anyone tried the fragrance oils with LG? I ordered candy girl bc my husband doesnt really like the smell of LG

  • Harry

    same clothes and position… I’m a little sceptable

  • Harry

    Sorry Ebony what I meant by sceptical was that bothe pictures seem to be taken at the same time. Your apparrel (clothes) are identical and the position (location) is the same which amkes me a bit leary, sceptical… uh… not being truly convinced. Despite it all, I bought a bottle.

    • Oh, okay I see. I wore the same bra and tried to position it the same purposely to have as accurate of a comparison as possible. Good luck with your bottle!

  • Ceilidh

    I am not really sure I see a difference… It looks like some areas filled in a little but the length based on where your finger tips are/ bra is looks about the same for a month of normal growth which is 1/2 to 3/4 an inch a month. Your hair also has 2 different colour shades so that doesn’t help me determine health of hair
    So that all being said I have a few questions.

    Did you trim your ends to keep it even as the in-between bit grew? Did you notice an overall healthy improvement? Less breakage? texture smoothness etc? Thanks!

  • Clint

    Guy her I just got it for a balding spot and I will tell you if it works or not. I can tell you this now it small is not pleasant at all yuck. So only use it at night!! nose guard, lol.