Liquid vs. Cream Leave-In Conditioners

Liquid vs. Cream Leave-In Conditioners


Over the years of my hair journey, I have tried many a leave-in conditioner.  I have never found just one or two staple products – there are so many good ones out there!  But I have realized my preference is often a liquid, mainly due to my reliance on rollersets to style my hair.  However, I have used and loved quite a few creamy products as well.  Is one superior?  Is there any major difference between liquid versus cream leave-in conditioners?

Liquid versus Cream Leave In Conditioner Longing 4 Length

Liquid Leave-In Conditioner: Best for low-to-normal porosity hair (See What is Hair Porosity for more info) and straightened hairstyles.  Are usually light weight, non-greasy formulas that won’t weigh down hair; We usually want our straight hair to be bouncy and full of movement.  Also great for moisturizing our hair while wearing protective styles.

Cream Leave-In Conditioner: Best for normal-to-high porosity hair to help it retain moisture.  Works best for curly and textured hairstyles such as wash n’ gos, twist/braid outs, and puffs.  Can help define curls and waves as well as prevent tangles to which these styles are prone.


Of course, there are no rules that work for everyone.  You have to figure out what works best for you and your hair.

Happy Hair Growing!

  • Asia Riley

    I agree about so many good ones being out there!
    My hair thrives when I layer both a liquid/spray and a creamy leave-in on wash day. My favorite liquid leave-in is by Annabelle’s Perfect Blends (Blueberry Cheesecake, Cocoa and Avocado, Loads of Coconut, and Tangerine). Favorite creamy moisturizing leave-in is Kurlee Belle Thirsty Kurls Leave In & protein leave-in is Komaza Care Matani Leave In.