9 Long Relaxed Hair Vloggers You Should Follow!

9 Long Relaxed Hair Vloggers You Should Follow!


It seems like so many of our favorite relaxed haired bloggers have transitioned to natural hair which can be disheartening when looking for styling inspiration and healthy relaxed hair tips.  Rest assured, as I’ve always said, growing healthy relaxed hair is certainly possible and there still lots of long relaxed haired YouTubers who prove it!

The following ladies’ channels are focused mostly on healthy relaxed hair, not wigs, weave or makeup.  So you’ll have plenty of hair porn to drool over, and in no particular order check out these nine ladies!

1Mrs Doing Me

MrsDoingMe, aka Keoshia.  I love her channel because she consistently does her hair in different styles – flexirods, caruso rollers, flat iron.  Whereas some ladies are always hiding their hair in buns and weave, Keoshia definitely enjoys her length and I love watching, plus she’s always super helpful and encouraging!!!

2The Happy Hair Show

The Happy Hair Show, aka Ashley.  As you can see Ashley has worked with some major brands and looked absolutely stunning in this ad for Creme of Nature!  Her strands are texlaxed (intentionally underprocessed to maintain lots of texture) and she is even able to rock a fierce wash n’ go!


ESSNTL is a unique channel featuring three friends.  Aleah (pictured above) is the resident healthy, relaxed hair representative of the channel and shares lots of tips and tutorials.

4Madam Gemini

I just discovered Gemini a few months ago through a collaboration she did with one of the other ladies on the list, Keoshia and I love her channel just as much!  She has fantastic tips for maintaining her length, which is just as important as how to grow it!

5Long Hair Pretty Nails

Pretty Hair Long Nails, aka Evie, has a unique story behind her hair journey.  She planned to go natural but two years into her transition, went back to texlaxing her hair and has been beautifully maintaining her long relaxed hair ever since.  As you can probably tell from the name of her channel, she also talks about nails as well.

6Babilon Kay

Babilon Kay has been maintaining texlaxed hair that waist length or longer for at least three years, which is amazing!  She’s managed to achieve a pretty consistent texture through texlaxing as well, which is pretty hard to do.

7Fancy Flair Lady

Fancy Flair Lady, aka Kim, is one of my long time hair friends!  I love her channel because she is completely transparent about her hair journeys highs and lows, and always has amazing tips for other ladies (myself included) who are struggling with specific issues with their hair!


Sw33tSparkl3, pronounced Sweet Sparkle, has some of the most resilient relaxed hair and she retains length like nobody’s business!  I’ve seen her cut to a blunt bob and be back past APL in what seems like no time at all!

9Pretty Witty 77

This list wouldn’t be complete without Pretty Witty 77, aka Whitney.  She has been maintaining beautiful, healthy, strong waist length and beyond relaxed/texlaxed hair for years!  Her channel focuses on healthy relaxed hair tips but she also does some vlogging and fitness as well.

  • I love all these ladies! Thanks for including me, Ebony! ?

  • Great list!!! All of them have gorgeous hair.

  • emmjaepenniman

    Thanks so much for this list. Two of these vloggers I follow already and I’m happy to discover more?