Long Term Transitioning Update | My New Hair Cut!

Long Term Transitioning Update | My New Hair Cut!


I told you last week, I’d be back to update you on my hair….and the reason I took so long is because I waited until after I had my hair appointment.  I didn’t want to be talked out of cutting my hair all the way up to shoulder length.  Yep, I did it!  Snip, snip, snip!  As I told you, I will never have an official “big chop” or a final “fully natural” moment because I plan to simply cut my hair as I grow.  Parts of my hair are fully natural, such as my bangs and where my layers are the shortest, while some areas have quite a bit of relaxed hair left.  Well without further adieu, allow me to debut my new cut!

EbonyCPrincess New Hair Cut Long Term Transitioning to Natural Hair Without the Big Chop - Longing 4 Length

Shoulder length forreal forreal!  I haven’t had hair this short since my journey began and surprisingly I don’t have cutter’s remorse.  Knowing that eventually all the relaxed hair has to be cut puts me in a different mental space and makes cutting extremely easy to do.  I haven’t washed my hair after having it straightened just yet, but I know it will be so much easier to deal with because now I actually have more natural than relaxed hair (dealing with both textures was becoming a nightmare!). Remember a few weeks ago when I had to be talked off the ledge of big chopping before I was ready?  I knew then that I would be cutting a significant amount of hair at the end of the year to make transitioning a bit easier for me.

I’m currently 62-63 (?) weeks post relaxer, shoulder length, and loving it!  My hair feels thick, it was easy for my new stylist to straighten and it looks fuller and healthier than it has in a very long time.  I can’t wait til I regain my length, this cut has me all the way excited about my hair journey again.

I’ll give details on the salon visit in my next post, but let me just say this – before I left, I had already booked my next appointment.  The experience is worth its own dedicated post! 🙂

Let me know what you think of the cut!

  • Yay! Love your new cut!

  • I had the same mindset too about my relaxed ends when I was transitioning long term. I eventually got a little too scissor happy thus resulting to a big chop at 11 months. Nevertheless, your cut looks beautiful! Enjoy!

    • Girl, I was almost there a few weeks ago but luckily I held off because I really don’t think I would’ve been happy. And that’s what its all about, right? Happiness!

      • Amen! Besides, you will know when you are really really ready to chop away the remainder of your ends with no regrets. It is hard to explain it but you will get there in your own time in HAPPINESS! 🙂

  • Kay’s Ways

    Nice & healthy. A trim always brings life back into your hair, your new cut looks great!

  • Keoshia

    Ebony your hair looks GREAT, LOVE IT!

  • Lisa

    Looks so elegant, i have notice that more and more fashionable people desert the long manes and have sassy shorter hairstyles. So you are trendy!
    Looking forward to see how you will style your transition hair and to see different hairstyles.

    • Thank you so much! I still want long hair but I agree short and medium length styles are definitely “in” right now.

  • HairIAm_Shika

    Your hair looks great! Can’t wait to hear about your salon experience! I had a really good experience at the Huetiful salon here in Atlanta and it ALMOST made me want to be a regular salon go-er!

    • Hey Shika! I’m kind’ve surprised to hear that because for some odd, unknown reason, I didn’t expect much from that salon. I’m telling you….I’m about to take the plunge and become a regular! lol

  • Blessed Tresses (Robin)

    Ebony, I love your new hair cut. It looks great!!!

    • Thank you so much Robin, I’ve got to hop over to your blog to see what’s going on with you!

      • Blessed Tresses (Robin)

        You’re welcome 🙂

  • Asia Riley

    Congrats! Your hair looks lovely!!!

    I used to be scissor averse but these days since I hit 1 yr post, I’ve been super scissor happy. See an uneven end- snip. Now I need to even it up with the rest- snip. One night before I realized it I had almost clipped all the relaxed ends off the back half of my head!

    • Thank you so much! You know, of course I WANT length…but transitioning has been freeing in the sense that I’m not even concerned about length since my goal has changed to getting to the “relaxer free” point. You’re right, I don’t seem to care as much either!

  • Fiona (Love Your Tresses)

    oh Ebony you know how much this excites me right! Plus you are working that cut! Love it!

    • hahahaha! I’m hoping to be in your league soon! Thanks girl!

  • I love it, girl! I did the big chop and I did not like it at all. Cutting as you go is the right way to do it.

    • Thank you ma’am! You just inspired me to HOLD OFF on cutting any more til I’m ready!

  • Leisa

    Your hair looks great, I love the fullness!!!

    • Thank you..,that’s exactly what was missing, right?!

  • Stella Nyadzi

    Love it. Looks so bouncy!

  • Loving the cut!!