Maintaining Straight Natural Hair in the Summer

Maintaining Straight Natural Hair in the Summer

Straight Natural Hair

If you’ve been with L4L for a little while or follow me on social media then you probably know that I had my hair straightened a few months ago. One of the things I was worried about the most was how to maintain my straight natural hair but it was super easy. I’ve been thinking about straightening it again but I know that there are a  few more concerns maintaining straight hair in the summer rather than cooler months so I wanted to share some tips on ways to maintain your straight ‘do during the summer months.

Straight Natural Hair


Wrap It – Comb & Satin Scarf

When I was relaxed my go-to nighttime routine was the wrap and scarf. I only used satin scarves and I never used bobby pins. I was often asked how I avoided the bumps/dents that bobby pins leave behind when you take your wrap down. A tip/trick I swear by is wrapping my hair without them. For some this isn’t possible but because my hair has always been right about BSL (bra strap length) I had enough to wrap around my head and stay put easily under the scarf. Needless to say when I got my hair straightened recently my nighttime routine was to wrap my hair (sans bobby pins) and tie on a satin scarf. This worked out really well for me.

Curl It – Flexi Rods

As the days went on, I got a little bored with my super straight hair so I experimented with flexi rods and found that it was really easy to achieve nice curls/beach waves without using heat on my hair. I used the orange flexi rods, took large sections of hair and wrapped it around the flexi rods from root to tip. I love the look I got when I used flexi rods on my straight hair. I would definitely use a little holding spray next time though so that my curls last throughout the day. Check out my tutorial here.

straight natural hair

Leave It – Satin Pillowcase

Another alternative (that I’ve never tried) is to use a satin pillowcase and either secure your hair before bed…or not. I know some naturals use this method even when their hair is curly but I prefer to cover my hair so that it don’t run the risk of the products in my hair irritating my face or skin. If I did choose to sleep with only a satin pillowcase I would definitely do the pineapple method before bed.


Aside from your nighttime routine, you also want to make sure that you’re comfortable (and cute) during the day while your hair is straight.

Style Options

One of the best things about having your natural hair straightened is wearing it down and enjoying your true length. However, ponytails and buns are a great way to stay cool and enjoy your straight texture during the summer time. While buns and ponytails (puffs) can be achieved on curly hair the look is so different and so much more snatched when the hair is straight that you truly do get a different style. Buns and ponytails keep your hair off of your neck and allow you to stay cooler. Especially if you’re outdoors. I would also stay away from bangs and/or side-swept styles that allow hair to fall on or close to the face.


Most of us want our edges LAID, honey. I’m not a huge “Laid Edges Girl” BUT when I want my edges to have a really clean look I use Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel, a boar bristle brush and a satin scarf to set it. Some naturals use a toothbrush for their edges and different types of edge control gels. Use whatever works for you but remember to be very gentle with your edges to avoid damaging your hairline.

What are some of your summertime straight natural hair tips? Please share!

  • I love this post…very informative.

  • Li

    Great ideas! Would love a video where you show how you wrap. Up til APL i have no problems but longer than that, i always end up with dents

    • Hi, Li! The next time I straighten it, I will be sure to record a video of how I wrap at night. Thanks for reading!