MANICure Monday: Thanksgiving Ombre Nails

MANICure Monday: Thanksgiving Ombre Nails


I had to cut my nails down this week due to two broken ones and the way they broke, I also had to change the shape to round rather than squoval, which is my preferred nail shape.  No biggie…change is good!  I’m just glad I finally returned to being a little creative with my nails and have something worthy of posting for MANICure Monday.  Ombre nails were my manicure of choice this week with rich shades of brown, orange and gold – perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Ombre Nails

For some reason, I’ve been super into shimmer which is very unusual for me.  I guess it is the season for glitter, shimmer and sequins and I absolutely LOVE the holidays!  To create my ombre nails I began with a base of OPI Charmed by a Snake.  Because I was at relatives’ house for the holidays, I didn’t have the cosmetic wedge I normally use to create the gradient effect.  Instead I ended up using a paper towel which got the job done just fine (although I do prefer the sponge).  So I toweled OPI’s Take the Stage on the upper half of my nail and for extra bling and a bit of blending I finished it off with one thin coat of a gold shimmer – All About You by Sinful Colors.

Sinful Colors Ombre Nails
OPI Charmed with a Snake – OPI Take the Stage – Sinful Colors All About You

I absolutely love the final product.  If you need to see how ombre nails are created, I have a video tutorial on a previous manicure I did, which is provided below.  Please tell me ya’ll are also linking up for MANICure Mondays with LA Lynns and Lipgloss & Binky?  No?  What are you waiting on!  I’m loving it!

  • oooh, purdy. Fab mani. I’m like a cat, I get instantly distracted by anything shiny and sparkly!

  • LaToya

    Very nice!

  • These are cute! I love shimmery nails! And I’m loving the gradient look– you did such a great job with the paper towel, too. I never would have thought to use it as a sponge substitute!

    • Thanks! I’m usually a cream girl, but I guess ’tis the season for shimmer! Thanks, I so meant to throw a couple in my bag but walked right out without them. Just call me the Jack Daniel/Davy Crocket of beauty, I made that paper towel do what it do! LOL!!!

  • Erratic Assassin

    I did a gradient this week and did it completely wrong! lol I found an even easier sponge technique after the fact. -_- I shared the video on my page if you want to check it out. Your nails look fabulous.

    • LOL, I can’t wait to see – I know it took me a while to figure out how people were creating this look!

  • Tori

    This ombre is too cute.. I’m jealous I can never get it to work well for me!!

    • Thank you! Keep trying, it really is easier than it looks.

  • Very pretty color on your skin tone!

  • Jen (Nai1Chronic1es)

    Nail’d It!!!!!

  • HairIAm_Shika


  • Special K

    Very Pretty!

  • LA Lynn’s

    Don’t you just HATE when you break a nail… Ugh!!!! Loving this color; I must give this a try!!!! Thanks for ALWAYS supporting and linking up!!! I’m trying to catch up… I’m sooo behind this week! #HELP lol

    • GIrl, you are fine – I know this weekend you were SWAMPED with your accessories store! You are more than welcome, I love supporting deserving people!

  • Kim

    Very pretty!

    Also, You have been nominated because you have a darling blog!

  • Tonkabelle

    Love the ombre effect, very cool and the colors are lovely!