Medium Length Hairstyles Are So Hot Right Now!

Medium Length Hairstyles Are So Hot Right Now!

medium length hairstyles

While I tend to spend all my time admiring beautiful long hair, and longing 4 length…I must admit lately its the medium length hairstyles that have been catching my eye!  So many of my favorite stars seem to be going a bit shorter and I am LOVING it on all of them!  The thing is, I never get the urge to cut MY hair, but I may be copping a wig or cutting a sew in weave to recreate one of these looks soon. Check these out:

medium length hairstyles

 Kerry Washington is probably everyone’s hair crush right now – or at least its our focus on Thursday nights, right?! Her hair is so gorgeous!!!  The thickness and the layers…I just love it!

medium length hairstyles


I swear, this is one lady I have always preferred mid-length hair on!  From her shorter bobs to these shoulder skimming lengths, Taraji’s beauty definitely gets better with age!  LOVE IT!

medium length hairstyles


I really love the way Ciara’s bob has a slight angled look to it, it seems to accentuate her jawline. I swear, this cut/style is the BEST style I’ve ever seen her wear.  Not everyone looks more beautiful with shorter hair than longer, but in my opinion Ciara does.  It separates her from the world of “long weaved R&B singers.”

medium length hairstyles

This is actually a photo of La La from last year, but I’ve seen her rocking this length lately.  Honestly, I’m never sure what La La’s real hair looks like…so often we see it in ponytails, which seems to be her signature style but I can never tell if its hers or not. Getting back to the subject, I really like this medium length style on her!

medium length hairstyles

This is a very recent pic from Tiny via Instagram and the caption read: Loving my hair!  It was styled by her friend and hair dresser, Shekinah and I must admit…she did that!  I’m actually feeling the color just as much as the cut.

So what do you think?

Loving these medium length hairstyles?

  • LOVE this post!! I have medium length hair and have been wanting to wear new styles. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    With Love,

  • Li

    Ciara hair style is My favorite! It falls so nicely. But her hair is provably APL on an average person. She has such an elegant long neck.

    • You think? I think its a bit past shoulder length, but now that you say it she does have a longer neck!

  • Kerry Washington is my numero uno hair crush at the moment. Both her and Ciara really make me want to cut my hair

    • Then I should have NEVER posted this! LOL! I would love the “cut” but hate the growing out process…no no, no cuts! Just wigs/weave! lol

  • Jazzy

    I love, love, love Kerry and Taraji’s hair. I live for Thursday nights. Taraji seriously makes me want to cut my hair into a bob. I’m never sure if Kerry’s is all hers or extensions. Either way I love the thickness of it.

  • Robyn Kleinhans

    Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope! Love the look, LOVE the character, love the HAIR! I’m giving myself another 4-6 months to reach the length, and then I’m SO cutting it in those layers, so beautiful!

    • I was thinking about layers also, but I am gonna wait til I have reached and maintained at full BSL for a while first.

  • Yep! I love wearing my rollersets like Kerry Washington!!

    • I’m itching to do a rollerset now! BTW – your hair in your avi is AMAZING!!!

  • LaToya

    I love Tiny’s hair the most!

  • Chanel Lodik

    I need that Ciara hair

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