L4L Exclusive: Mimi Faust Talks Hair & Beauty with EbonyCPrincess

L4L Exclusive: Mimi Faust Talks Hair & Beauty with EbonyCPrincess

Mimi faust hair real
Mimi & Daughter Eva

mimi faust hair We have another Longing 4 Length exclusive interview with star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust.  Her hair was of interest to many as I received requests to interview her both from readers and even a few “real life” friends.  She graciously fit me into her schedule and I must say – this is one of my favorite interviews thus far!  Aside from Mimi’s hair being naturally beautiful and long, she had several great beauty product recommendations and was just an overall pleasure to speak with.  Check out the interview highlights below, but trust me this is also one you will want to listen to the audio as well – Mimi speaks so highly of some of the items she uses!

Mimi Faust Hair Chat

On her natural hair history:
Mimi has been relaxer free since she was 19 and she described her transition as being tedious but just kept it properly conditioned and heat free.  Looking back she realizes she never needed a relaxer and only got one because the other girls her age had “perms”.  Mimi recalls that the relaxer changed the texture of her hair and simply decided to stop relaxing.

Her regimen:
Mimi washes [and conditions] her hair once per week and normally styles her hair herself, not using a lot of direct heat.  She describes herself as a ponytail girl!

Mimi faust hair real
Mimi & Daughter Eva

Her favorite hair products:
Mimi gave me a new term – instead of product junkie she says she is a “toiletry junkie!”  I totally think that is me too (nail polishes, body lotions and sprays, makeup, and hair stuff!) but I digresss…

Mimi is currently using Keracare shampoo and conditioner but likes to rotate her products and change it up every few months.  For her edges she describes Dr. Boogie’s “Hold It” as being her holy grail item for slicking her fly-aways and nape into a neat ponytail. (@BoogieSecrets).  Typically she goes to the salon for a treat and/or for trims.

For her nearly three year old daughter, Eva, Mimi loves WEN conditioning cleanser and says it gives Eva the perfect ringlet curls.

On if she wears her hair out and naturally curly:
Mimi says she has tried and tried to achieve the perfect curly [wash n go] look because she loves the curly fro look on other women, but has not found her perfect mixture of products.  She had me cracking up as she shared that she asks every woman who has naturally curly hair what products they use, picks them up only to be disappointed as it never works for her hair!


The craziest hair experience she’s ever had:
The “layered” hair cut at the start of filming season 1 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is at the top of the list, but the craziest thing is when she colored her hair.  Three days later her hair began falling out in clumps!  I replied that color scares me – I’ll stick to sewing mine in!

Fitness routine:
Mimi says her job – she owns a cleaning company called Keep It Clean – keeps her fit.  Her clientele own very large homes so whenever she goes to oversee her employees, she pitches in and helps out.  The constant movement of cleaning for five and six hours straight really gives her a workout.  Mimi says she isn’t really a gym girl. (This was motivation for me – it doesn’t take any gimmicks or a lot of money to be trim and fit, just living an active lifestyle goes a long way!)

Mimi Faust Hair Natural

If Mimi has a particular brand of weave she likes:
This is Mimi’s first time wearing a weave, so she’s too new to have a favorite! Her current install is virgin Indian hair, bone straight, 20 – 24″ (her rep later told me) .  On the show, you can see the progression of her style – in episodes one thru five, she was wearing her real hair, then the “layered cut”occurred which she eventually cut into a blunt shoulder length bob, and then after that on her green screen looks she was wearing a sew in.

Her thoughts on weave:
Mimi’s one complaint about wearing a sew in is the itching!  Previously, she never understood the lyric “Pat yo weave ladies” in Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied song but now she finally gets it!  Also, after seeing how many women who’s real hair is healthy and long she realizes there are all kinds of reasons women wear weave – not because they all don’t have their own hair.  Of course I was in the hallelujah corner on that sentiment!

Favorite beauty products:

  • Crest White Strips: Mimi LOVES these!  I asked if they make her teeth sensitive (which is why I’ve never used teeth whitening products) and she says you must follow the directions, keeping them on for only 30 minutes three times per week – don’t wear them for hours because then your teeth WILL become sensitive, as she knows from past experience.
  • Dr. Dermatologist Formula (DDF):  Mimi’s skin broke out from the daily wear of heavy makeup while filming Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and began using the sulfur mask and face wash which cleared her skin in about a week.
  • Ambi Skincare: Mimi received a gift basket containing Ambi skincare items at a blogger’s dinner held by Tami of Talking with Tami and she loves the products!  The Even & Clear exfoliating wash, foaming cleanser, and moisturizer with SPF 30 and , even though she’s only been using them for about two weeks, she finds them amazing and will continue to use them.
  • Donna Karen Cashmere Mist Deodorant:  Although this product is a bit pricey, Mimi says it is SO worth it!  She says it’s gentle and keeps her smelling not only fresh but feminine all day and evening long. (a product I will be picking up!)

Okay, let me just say that Mimi sold me on more than a few products…I picked up a box of the Crest white strips literally hours after the interview.  I enjoyed our chat immensely and had trouble even editing this down to around 15 minutes because Mimi  gave up so much good tea!  Take a listen below:

Keep up with Mimi via social media:

  • Good interview. She’s got lovely hair, it’s unfortunate that I am clueless about many of these American celebs though. Do Zoe Saldana next, I luurrve her hair!

    • You know I was thinking of that today because most of the women I’ve requested interviews with are reality TV stars so their reach isn’t international. I’m not sure I’ll be able to reach Ms. Saldana but I will be getting some actresses.

  • Avee

    Great interview Ebony. Mimi seems really down to earth. I love that she has her own business and works hard. I am really enjoying the celeb interviews but I have noticed that all of the celebs so far have been natural. As someone who is relaxed, I would like to see more interviews with relaxed celebs if there are any lol (I know many are natural now). I commend you for featuring naturals because the sites geared towards naturals do not feature relaxed celebs or real life inspirations so it is nice to see both on your site. That being said, I would still like to see more relaxed celebs and real life ladies featured more. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you for your comment, that’s exactly what I am trying to achieve – one site that encourages all types of healthy hair, relaxed, natural and everything in between! I agree most celebs are natural, I’ve been looking for a relaxed head to interview but the only one I know of who promotes healthy hair is Tyra Banks. If you have any suggestions I will try to request an interview.

  • WOW! Awesome interview.. “Toiletry Junkie” <<< I love it! Ms. Ebony you are doing your thang!!! :O)) BIG UPs to you!!!

  • KellyMonroe

    Great interview Ebony! I want some of that deodorant too! I like me Mimi you can tell she keeps it real.

    • Thanks – and exactly! I gotta save up my pennies for the deodorant tho, in the meantime I’m Sure! lol

  • Trice

    Awesome interview and I AM LOVING this new blog look!!!! Geesh has it been that long since I’ve been over here. Keep doing what you’re doing hun!

    • Thanks! And girl, I know its hard to make the rounds thru my fave blogs!

  • Fiedah

    Great interview! She comes across as such a sweet person!

    • Thanks – and YES she did! I really enjoying talking with her.

  • Tami

    You did a fab job with the interview!

    • Wow, thank you for taking the time to read! *humbled*

  • cccw1908

    I really love her hair. I am glad she shared and empowered others with her honesty and information.