How to: Moisturize and Seal Protective Styles

How to: Moisturize and Seal Protective Styles

Moisturize and Seal Protective Styles

Moisturize and Seal Protective Styles

I’ve worn my Twisted Bun Updo pretty much all week without disturbing and it held up beautifully as you can see from the photos below.  Being able to preserve a style for the week is awesome for a number of reasons – for one, it saves you time and energy because you don’t have to restyle your hair every day.  Secondly, it is healthier for your hair because not only are you protecting the length and ends, but you are not manipulating it either which gives little to no opportunity for breakage or split ends to occur.

Moisturize and Seal Protective Styles

While that is great, I’m sure many of you have wondered how to moisturize and seal protective styles without taking them down every day.  Not only bun and updo hairstyles, but also braid and twist styles (coils, box braids, two strand twists, Senegalese twists, etc).  It’s not impossible and actually quite easy to keep your hair moisturized while wearing these styles; the basic principle of moisturizing and sealing is the exact same regardless of the style – moisturize with a water based product and seal with an oil.  The only difference is with long term (or preserved) protective styles I use a liquids and spray bottles to apply the products.  Check out my demonstration in the video below:

Products Used:  OBI Naturals Curl Enhancing Spray (review to come), Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Moisturize and Seal Protective Styles

I hope you found this helpful – remember protective styling alone isn’t enough to keep your hair healthy.  Hiding it away in braids, buns, twists and/or cornrows will initially help you retain your growth but if you don’t moisturize and seal protective styles while wearing them, during and after the takedown, your hair will snap, crackle and pop and you’ll be in the same position as when you began if not worse.  Don’t neglect your hair while wearing protective styles!

  • I really love your twisted bun and this last picture is just lovely!

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  • Roline Joeneme

    Love How your hair look. Pretty and healthy. I am doing some updo braids this week for my two weeks vacation. I will be following this process. Thank you. I Love reading your blog

  • sophie

    But your ends aren’t receiving the moisture and oil. Only the hair on surface. Is that really efficient?

    • Sam Jean-Charles

      Your hair should have been well moisturized before the style was done and since the style has the ends of your hair tucked away, the moisture should not be depleting quickly as opposed to the hair that is exposed. These type of hair styles are usually kept for about one to two weeks max. During the take down you can focus on re-moisturizing the ends.