Mommy & Me Feature

Mommy & Me Feature


Happy Mother’s Day!

In celebration of the special bond shared between mothers and daughters, I’ve decided to begin a new series called Mommy & Me.  

I remember Sundays being “hair day” and my mother would either rebraid my cornrowed style or shampoo, deep condition and do a hot oil treatment.  In fact the same electric heating cap she used on me as a child is the same one I use to this day!  Some of our staples were Luster’s Pink Oil Treatment, Queen Helene Hot Oil Treatment and Isoplus Super Gro grease.  Thank you lawd for progress in black hair care! Hahahaha!

mommy & me, longing 4 length, ebony c princess
My mother and I

It’s easy enough for me to take care of my own hair – its only one head!  But I also realize that mothers of girls have added parental duties to care for your daughter’s hair.  From searching for different styles, the best products, learning new techniques, trying to keep it healthy while making it easy on your time and pocketbook is a huge balancing act!  I  would love for you to share how you and your daughter tackle this task.

Is hair time a fun time for you and your daughter?  Does she run crying and screaming when you grab your hair tools?  Did you go natural to be an example for your daughter?  Are you both happily and healthily relaxed?  We want all the details! Please fill out the questionnaire below and help other moms everywhere!

Mommy's Hair Is*
Mom Hair Type (ex. 3b, 4a)
Mommy's Hair Regimen*
Daughter's Hair Is*
Daughter's Age*
Daughter's Hair Type (ex. 3b, 4a)
Daughter's Hair Regimen*
What are your staple products? Please indicate if they are used for you, your daughter or both.*
Does your hair style or texture influence the way your daughter wants her hair to look? (ex. your hair is curly so she wants curls)*
Is hair time with your daughter a bonding experience or nightmare? Does she enjoy or dread it? Please explain.*
Please share anything else you would like us to know about your and your daughter's hair care. If you have a blog or YouTube channel, include it here.
Please share photos of both you and your daughter, preferably wearing different styles or highlighting your hair.*
  • I remember my folks telling me to hush up that’s just that grease popping when I was getting my hair pressed. Lol I’m pretty sure it was more than just grease popping.

  • This series is such a great idea! I’m not yet a mommy, so I don’t have any wise words of wisdom to share. But I can just imagine how engaging this series will be..for all the mommys and mommy-to-be’s out there.

    • Thanks Josie! I’m right there with you, no kids but can definitely empathize with the struggle!