Motions Straight Finish Review

Motions Straight Finish Review


motions straight finish review

Mostly all of you have seen the versatility of my Perfect Locks virgin curly hair via my Instagram photos (follow me @EbonyCPrincess), but I never disclosed exactly how I straightened the hair to achieve the above amazing results.  I used the new three step collection, Motions Straight Finish, to transform the hair from curls and deep waves to sleek and straight.  Motions has marketed this line towards natural haired ladies who wish to straighten their hair without suffering heat damage, but the reality is everyone who applies direct heat to their hair needs to take the proper precautions to protect their hair.  Relaxed women are constantly dealing with two or more textures – our virgin new growth and our chemically straightened length, both of which can be damaged by blow drying, flat ironing and curling.  In addition, many women invest in quality virgin hair extensions of various textures from wavy to curly.  In order to truly enjoy the versatility of such hair, we often straighten the hair with the expectation that it will revert to its original texture upon washing.  But just like our own natural tresses, virgin hair extensions need to be protected from extreme temperatures in order to preserve the natural curl pattern as well as increase longevity.  So, again I say the new Motions Straight Finish products are suitable for everyone, no matter how you choose to wear your hair.  The most important thing is to keep it healthy and when straightening, I must say I really love the way the three Motions Straight Finish products work in conjunction with one another, check out my review of each product below.

Motions Straight Finish Review Longing 4 Length

Motions Straight Finish Cleanser:

Motions calls this a re-hydrating conditioning shampoo, which contains Shea butter and keratin, perfect for smoothing and strengthening the hair in preparation to be straightened.  This shampoo does contain sulfates (sodium laureth sulfate) but was surprisingly gentle on my hair!  It has almost a creamy lotion-like consistency and does create quite a lather, which I expected from a sulfate shampoo.  However, I will say the name ‘cleanser’ is definitely appropriate as it was far from stripping to my strands an did seem to loosen the curls of my new growth along with the deep waves of my extensions. [view ingredients here]

*This system does not contain a deep conditioner, my only criticism of the line.  In my opinion conditioning your hair with a deep penetrating product to deliver both moisture and strength before straightening is an ABSOLUTE must if healthy hair is your priority.  I deep conditioned with L’oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm which did just that before the next step in the Motions Straight Finish system.

Motions Straight Finish Leave In Conditioner:

Motions says:  this leave-in formula, with Coconut Oil and Keratin, adds a layer of strengthening moisturizers that helps protect the hair before heat styling.  This leave in is creamy, which I prefer in my leave in conditioners, however I was careful not to add too much product before blow drying.  I added about a quarter sized amount of product to each half of my head (the extensions fall about waist length on me) and a bit more to my leave out area for added protection.  Next, I air-dried for about an hour and my hair, along with the extensions, did feel moisturized but not coated or weighed down.  [view  ingredients]

(2) Motions Straight Finish Review Longing 4 Length

Motions Straight Finish Sealer:

Motions describes this sealer as a heat straightening serum formulated for natural textures and infused with Almond Oil and Keratin which helps retain moisture and control frizz.  That is a pretty accurate description in my opinion or more simply put the sealer is a heat protectant serum.  It definitely provides the silky smooth finish that only professionals are able to achieve and is probably my favorite product in the  line.  WARNING:  Use this product sparingly as a little goes a long way!  I used a half-pump per each half of my head – two full pumps would have been too much. [view ingredients]

Initially, I attributed my great results to the sealer alone since the heat protectant is usually the most critical step when flat ironing.  So two weeks later, I re-straightened the extensions using a different shampoo, no leave-in and only the Straight Finish Sealer  My results were not nearly as good!  The hair frizzed within hours and did not have the overall smoothness that I achieved when I used all three Motions Straight Finish products together.

Did My Hair Revert?

As a relaxed girl, I have never had the experience of being worried about whether or not my hair reverts.  Even when I was natural as a teen and early adult it was before the “natural hair revolution” so non-reversion was almost welcomed during my days of a press n’ curl!  But with my Perfect Locks Virgin Indian Curly Hair, I wanted to see those waves and curls pop back!!!  I washed with a regular clarifying shampoo (to remove the keratin and -cones of the Motions Straight Finish products) and sure enough, the extensions were just as curly as before and my new growth kinked right back!

Motions Straight Finish Review Longing 4 Length (2)

Final Thoughts:

I’m really glad I had the opportunity to try the Straight Finish collection courtesy of Motions.  Aside from not including a deep conditioner, I have no other criticisms of the performance of the products themselves and at an average of about $7, I do highly recommend them!  I would, however, like to advise Motions that these products worked beautifully on my relaxed hair as well as my weave (hair extensions).  The marketing of this product may lead women to believe these items are only suited for unrelaxed, natural hair which – as I’ve shown – is not true at all.  Both relaxed and natural hair requires special attention when preparing to straighten with heat tools!  Other than that, again I must say I am very impressed with how much they added in the straightening process and prevented frizz during the summer heat.

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  • Love it Ebony!!! Looks great and so nice to see how versatile thaw hair can be.

    • Thanks girl, and yes weave saved me this summer! I see you working it out too, go girl!

  • Mandy

    You are back! Great review, I think I will try these!

    • Thank you! Let me know how you like them…I’d purchase with my own money for sure.

  • Tasia S.

    Great Review. I keep hearing about this total repair, I might have to check it out.

    • I really like it, I used one jar but am saving my final review for when I have MY hair out. It leaves my hair feeling almost exactly like KeraPro.

  • Always a thorough review! I’m trying to curb my PJism but I might need these items.

    • Thanks! I’m totally over my PJ’ism as well but I feel like I need different products for different things so I always have way more in my stash than I would like!

  • B Dav

    This is totally unrelated but your face has gotten so slim!
    You and your hair are gorgeous!
    Britt @ One&20

    • Awww thank you, my mom says the same thing when we skype. I’m FINALLY starting to notice small changes. I have been following your journey but rarely comment from my tablet. I have a lot to say though especially on a couple of your posts! I loveeeeed your twistout!

      • B Dav

        Aww! Thanks girl!
        You look fab 🙂

  • jeimy

    I love this hair on you !!! the straight look is sooo glamourous on you !!


    You and your hair look fantastic. You better WERK IT!!!

  • Lisa

    You have definely lost Weight!

    And your hair is so long now! Well done!

    • Thank you, I am starting to notice a small difference! And girllllll – this is a weave! LOL!

  • Love it! 1) you’re glowing, 2) this hair is so versatile, looks great!

  • Rachel B

    This hair looks amazing! It definitely looks worth the price tag? I normally use Ju Ju virgin indian curly, but you have convinced me to make the switch.

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