My dream hair – BSL/MBL PERFECTION! Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith – 2007
I was watching the movie Reign Over Me and fell madly love with Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair!  When Jada first grew her hair out (yes, I do believe it is hers) I remember being in awe, and immediately bought a few Carol’s Daughter products for which she was a spokesperson at the time.  Although I did believe the products would help my hair to flourish I never in my wildest dreams imagined I could have hair like hers (length wise).  And furthermore when I first saw this movie years ago, I’m sure I envied her hair just as much as I did the other night but probably dismissed any hopes of ever achieving her length because “Jada must have that good hair.  Not like mine, I couldn’t grow my hair that long.” Now…years later, I watch the movie again and immediately think “Her hair is about BSL, OMG my hair can TOTALLY look like that next year!”  So I Googled for an image of her length at that time and came across this photo.  Now tell me, isn’t her hair absolute perfection?  If – no WHEN – I reach this length, layers and all – my length journey will immediately end and I will be 100% satisfied!  I am in absolute love with Jada’s hair (in this photo) and will probably dream about it tonight.  This is my goal!
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  • FEG

    That is some gawgeous hair! You will be there before you know it – just keep your eyes on the prize! Before you know it, we’ll be drooling over your hair looking like that :-)

  • A.C.

    Bet you anything when your hair gets that long you won’t think its long enough! lol. I’m in that position now, just 3 more inches is my yearly manra.

  • loica12

    This is also my goal for the length but I don’t think my hair will be so full!