My Hair Regimen

My Hair Regimen

For an in-depth, comprehensive discussion about my hair regimen, download the Longing 4 Length 
Healthy Hair Basics Handbook!

(have been following this regimen since November 2011)
  • Prepoo and detangle with ceramide rich oil (hemp seed, Rapunzel’s hair silk oil)
  • Wash once per week with Kerapro Shampoo for Dry to Very Dry Hair
  • Deep Condition once per week with Kerapro Restorative Intense Treatment for dry to very dry hair
  • Apply a small amount leave in (ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea or Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave In)
  • Seal in moisture with serum
  • Roller or rodset hair (January to June 2012)
  • Moisturize with Bee Mine moisturizer and seal with Rapunzel Hair Silk as needed (usually daily).
Relax at 10-12 weeks with Optimum Care No-Lye in Regular.
Prep the week before with Aphogee 2 Step Treatment and Roux Porosity Control.
Previous Regimen (2009 – 2011)
  • Wash once per week with SLS-free shampoo
  • Deep Condition once per week (protein about 1x per month)
  • Roux Porosity Control Conditioner as final rinse*
  • Scalp Massage with Bee Mine Growth Serum 3-4X per week (when consistent…which I’ve not been for quite some time)*
  • Airdry with Leave-In Conditioner(s) or Rollerset
  • Moisturize & Seal 1-2 times per day
  • Co-Wash mid week (only when needed after workouts)*
  • Protective & Low Manipulation Styling 99% of the time (braidouts, rollerwraps, updos)
  • Clarify/Chealate as needed
  • Relax 10-12 weeks – Mizani No-Lye Sensitive Scalp

*Not usually done every week or consistently

Product List:

Giovanni Smooth-as-Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo (weekly)

CHI Clean Start (clarify)
Deep Conditioners:
Bee Mine Bee-U-ti-FUL Deep Conditioner (moisture)
Joico K-pak Reconstructor (protein)
Leave In’s:
Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk (moisture)
Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer (protein)
Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Creme Moisturizer
Bee Mine Hair & Scalp Moisturizer
Bee Mine Curly Butter
Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk
Bee Mine Hair Growth Serum
EVCO, Castor oil, One n’ Only Argan Oil