My New Protective Style | Perfect Locks Virgin Indian Curly Hair

My New Protective Style | Perfect Locks Virgin Indian Curly Hair


Full wig with a lace closure

Remember the above look?  The full wig I made a few months ago using Perfect Locks Virgin Indian curly hair?  The one where I so obviously was feeling myself?  Yeah well…about twenty minutes after recording the video and taking these photos, I looked in the mirror and realized I felt like Mufasa.  Or maybe the cowardly lion is a better description because I did not possess the bravery required to rock ALL that hair on a regular basis.  Even after I made some adjustments and removed some of the hair, I still didn’t feel comfortable.  Nope nope nope.  So, I just put the wig to the side until I decided to do something with it.

As you know I was struggling with maintaining my hair while working out so much.  I decided the Perfect Locks hair would be perfect (pun intended) as a sew in because its curly, meaning I can just do a wash and go after intense workout sessions and is of higher quality so it shouldn’t tangle and mat like my previous beauty supply installation.  After giving my hair about two weeks to rest between the last sew-in, I had my hair done this week and I couldn’t have made a better decision!

Perfect Locks Virgin Indian Curly Hair I’m loving the install – the workmanship of my new stylist, the side part, the texture of the hair and the overall look.  Plus when I play tennis, I just do four large braids and pin them back out of my way and release for beautiful waves afterwards.  Gorgeous, but most importantly EASY!  Heat isn’t required to blend my hair, I simply do a braidout with it as well and it blends perfectly (video forthcoming).

Initially I was going to apply the closure and not leave any of my hair out so I could do a colorblocked look with blonde in the front but I decided against it because…I was too afraid I would not like the closure.  Remember I’ve never used one before and the wig was my first foray.  As wonderfully as my hair matches the color and texture of the Perfect Locks extensions, I’m so happy I went with a partial sew in.  None of my hair is left out on the perimeter so I can’t do a high ponytail, but I’ve learned from previous experiences that leaving a tiny bit of hair out causes breakage so aside from the top leave out, the rest is all braided up.

Disclaimer:  Perfect Locks provided this hair for review purposes and the links provided within are my affiliate links.  I will receive credit should you decide to order via these links.  It is too soon for me to give my full opinion and review on the performance of the hair, but so far I am very pleased.  Stay tuned for my continuing thoughts throughout the duration of my installation.

  • Britt @ One&20

    I LOVE this look!
    The curls fit you nicely 🙂

  • S.O.S Hair

    How cute!

    This look suits your face!

  • Simply Into My HAIR

    You look so pretty in your new hairstyle! It really suits you Ebony.

  • You look so pretty, love your new PS!

  • LaQT/ Ty

    Ebony this is so cute. I am hating big time. I love this look. It looks so naturall. Your stylist did a great job. I love that you can do wash n gos with this hair and braid out to blend. Very nice, not to mention you still have an unintentionally cute look while working out.