My Not-So-Big Chop! | The End of My Long Term Transition

My Not-So-Big Chop! | The End of My Long Term Transition


Hey ladies!!!  I have so much to share, I don’t even know where to start.  Let’s see….last I blogged, I was preparing for my trip to Jamaica, right?  Well, it was amazing.  I had so much fun with my guy.  To my Jamaican readers, you have an amazingly beautiful country.  My guy and I plan to visit again and often!  I wore my hair in a curly weave by the Ten Minute Hollywood Sew-In; longtime readers know I’m a big fan of this company.  I’ve reviewed their wavy texture in the past and I love the convenience of their unique units that allow them to be installed quickly and easily while still allowing you full access to your hair and scalp beneath.  This kinky, curly texture was perfect for vacation!  All I had to do was co-wash the salt water out, finger detangle then scrunch and go!  My boo loved the hair too.

Kinky Curly Weave Ten Minute Sew In Longing 4 Length

After I removed the sew-in at the end of August, I wore my hair beneath a wig for a couple of weeks.  During this time, I dyed my hair jet black (more to come on that).  Then at 24 months post relaxer (two years) I washed and conditioned my hair, braided it in about 10 chunky braids and chopped off the relaxed ends.  It wasn’t a big, long production.  I wasn’t worried about chopping exactly at the precise line of demarcation.  I wasn’t concerned about maintaining as much length as humanly possible. I was just ready to make my wash days and styling sessions easier by having one consistent texture from root to tip!!!  I only had 2-3 inches of relaxed hair left anyway.

big chop, natural hair
Right before my big chop, and the amount of relaxed hair I had left to cut.

After chopping, I began to style my hair in flat twist styles during the week and then wearing a twist out on weekends.  So far this is really working best for me, especially since the weather is very rainy where I live.  Although I would like to straighten my hair so I can even up my hair and check the state of my ends.

Natural Hair updo Longing 4 Length

Like most naturalistas, my go-to style has become the twist out.  I find that I get much better results when I do flat twists on  slightly damp, stretched hair versus dry hair or loose two strand twists.  Luckily, I’m one of the lucky ones that hasn’t felt lost when it comes to styling my newly natural hair.  Probably because I transitioned for so long and I was already pretty great at styling hair – relaxed and natural.  So, if you will allow me to toot my own horn, I have to say….my twist outs are friggin amazing!!!

Twist Out on 4c Natural Hair

Now that I am fully relaxer-free, I want to concentrate on hair health, growth and length retention again!  Stretched, my longest layers reach about arm-pit length.  My goal is to be bra-strap length by this time next year.

Type 4C Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length
My natural hair is definitely type 4, this shrinkage is wet hair….can you imagine when it’s dry?!

So there’s my hair update in a nutshell!  I’ll be recording some videos soon so you can see my hair better and how I style it.  I’ll share in another post my feelings on my now relaxer-free hair, but in the meantime..,

How is your hair journey going?

  • I’m back on the fence. I went to prep my hair to texlax and saw how long my natural hair was and chickened out. The back is bsb and the front it apl. le sigh

  • Congrats!! You hair looks great. Things are going good with my hair. I’m about 64 or 65 weeks post relaxer and holding strong.

  • Lam

    Your hair is looking so so so good. Natural looks amazing on you, your hair’s beautiful!

  • Josie Jo

    My dear! You were indeed gone for a long time!! Its good to have you back…or at least an update. Your transition is officially over, CONGRATS…24mths, wow!
    I can’t wait for this fully Natural journey. Health, Growth & Retention are also my focus right now. Your returned presence is welcomed as I have learned so much from you, and look forward to continue learning so much more!

    • Awwww, thank you so much!!! I appreciate you for following!

  • Keoshia

    Hey Ebony! Glad your back missed your post and video! While you were gone I am finally back on YouTube!! My hair journey is going well had a small set back and had to cut 3-4 inches but I am almost back to BSL again, I think I was mid back when I cut off those inches. Hopefully I will be BSL or close to Midback, when I relax in Dec, we shall see!

    • Thank you Keoshia! You are a master at retention so I’m sure you will meet your goal in December!

  • Congrats on big chopping and meeting your long term transition goal. I can’t believe its been 2 years already. Wow! …And yes your twist outs are amazing! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more!

  • I’ve missed your blog posts and videos, can’t wait to see more. I can’t believe its 2 years already!

  • Bee

    Congrats on your big chop. Your flat twists are to die for. And your shrinkage is unbelievable yikes. Looking forward to more updates on your natural tresses.

  • From Mrs. to Mom

    For some reason I can’t believe you are fully natural. I do t know why because you’ve done it before. I’m loving the styles you’ve done so far!

  • Special K

    Look at all that thick hair!! Go Ebony!!!

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  • Michelle Brandt

    very nice!!!!!!!!!!!

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