My Protective Style Maintenance | Moisturize & Seal

My Protective Style Maintenance | Moisturize & Seal


I’ve had my flexirod updo for about a week and although it took forever and a day to achieve, this protective style is super easy to maintain even through working out!  I noticed with my last sew-in that my hair seemed drier than usual despite consistent spraying with two moisturizing products:  ApHogee Curlific Moisture Rich Leave-In Conditioner (review forthcoming) and Bee Mine Juicy Spritz.  Normally my hair feels soft, moisturized and strong upon take-down because I am pretty good with following my weave care regimen but not this time.  I think it could have been a combination of the ApHogee spray (which I do NOT like) and my hair needing something heavier than the Bee Mine spritz.  So, I recently purchased two of the new Jane Carter Solution products I’ve had my eye on for a while:  Moisture Mist and Seal & Shine, which are designed to hydrate hair and seal in moisture.

Jane Carter Solution Hydrate Moisture Mist Quench Seal & Shine Nourish & Shine

According to their website, Jane Carter offers three different water based sprays for different hair types:

I love the Jane Carter leave in conditioner so when the Quench and Moisture Mist were released last year, I was immediately intrigued.  Now that my hair seems to be demanding something heavier with a bit more moisturizing power, it was the perfect time to try the Moisture Mist; My hair certainly falls into the ‘coarse’ category and can absolutely withstand heavier products, especially while protective styling.

So, to maintain my updo protective style all I do is clip the sides up and cover with a bonnet at night.  In the morning, I fluff the curls, spray with the Moisture Mist and seal with Seal & Shine.  If my hair is feeling particularly dry, I spray again at night.  The end!  My hair is feeling amaaaaaaaazing!  This style is so easy and low maintenance, plus it involves zero manipulation!

Transitioning Hair Style Flexirod Updo - Longing 4 Length

I will be doing a full review on these Jane Carter Solution products soon.  LOVING THEM so far!  I’ll be re-setting the middle section only this weekend, the braids still look great!

  • shadae

    I wish I knew about the ones for coarse hair before I bought the Jane Carter leave-in last week. I like it so far though and it’s at least working for my weave hair. Your tips and tutorials are certainly helping me to maintain my sew-in. My first ever! And I’m already planning my next install

    • I know, I have been a long-time fan of the leave-in but I think any of the sprays are sufficient honestly. I’m so glad to know my tips helped! That makes my day 🙂

      • Shadae

        I read this post and replied as I was leaving the gym. 5 minutes later I ended up at a beauty supply store for a completely different reason and saw the Jane Carter moisturizers. I hadn’t seen the moisture mist or quench at another other BBS I had previously patronized. Now I know where to find them when I’m ready. 🙂

  • Leisa

    Your hair looks super cute!

    I have been using the Jane Carter Restore moisture mist since the summer. I recently bought my second bottle. I can’t put my finger on the smell of which I am not too fond but the results….amazing!

    • OMGosh yes! The smell is a bit herbal/medicine-y in my opinion, but I love how well it moisturizes my new growth and relaxed length. I think its going to be a staple…gonna test it a bit longer. I love when you all co-sign, its like getting another point of view! lol

  • That style is so cute!!!

    • Thanks Alma…I’m so team “do nothing to my hair” right now, lol!

  • JCS Team

    Thank you so much for these kind words! We hope you continue to enjoy our products!

    with love JCS Team

    • Thank you for visiting and interacting; I haven’t tried a Jane Carter product yet I didn’t love! 🙂

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