My take on protective styling

My take on protective styling


It is no secret that I don’t protective style regularly to retain growth.  I am a witness to the power of protective styling and I’ve seen the amazing progress of those that bun regularly, wear wigs and weaves, and keep braids for months at a time.  I don’t think – I KNOW – it works.  However, I also read the threads of women complaining of how they are so sick and tired of their bun, their husbands and significant others hate their wigs/weaves, they are so ready to feel their hair down, etc. and for me the sacrifice isn’t worth it!!!  There are plenty of times I get lazy and just throw my hair in a bun, or I actually prefer to wear a bun.  I also love my wigs and weaves.  LOVE EM! Here are a few of my favorite looks since the start of my HHJ.

Braid out on my sew-in Weave
My favorite half-wig, Model Model Cocktail Bay Breeze.  I braided the front of my hair and placed the wig on the back. 

 High Bun

Freetress Equal Sonya Lace Front

Despite how healthy they are for the hair and how much I utilize them as emergency styles or to change up my look – I do not rely on them as a means to grow out my hair soley.  For me they are hairstyles not protective styles, although they serve the purpose of both.  As I’ve grown my hair, I have immensely enjoyed wearing my hair down, in rollersets, braidouts, caruso steam roller sets, flexirods, half-up, half down ‘dos, any everything in between!  I just make sure to monitor my ends, give it a rest when I feel it needs it, apply extra moisturizer and a heavy sealant to protect it. 

I am sure that if I had worn weaves for the 2 years I’ve been on my hair journey, I would’ve already reached my final goal of mid-back length.  However, the sheer joy of running my hands through my hair, feeling it whip in the breeze, smiling as people comment on how long/healthy/thick my hair is, and being able to flip it over my shoulder as I flirt is FARRRRR too worth it for me to keep it in hiding until my final length goal is reached!

So I applaud and cheer as women vow to keep their hair hidden for a period of time, but for me….I just go with whichever styling option I feel at the moment.  Right now…I just happen to be in a “keep it hidden” frame of mind, lucky me!

  • Great post! I’m with you on wanting to “enjoy” as I grow… I am thinking that I will need to get a sew-in for a few weeks again in order to keep my hands (and heat) out of my hair.

    ECP why didn’t you start a blog sooner? you’re pretty good at it!

  • I’m wondering how my hair would thrive if I decided to enjoy it more. I honestly do get quite bored of the protective styling and bunning and yadda yadda ya.

    At the risk of contradicting myself, I really want to try some wigs in the new year lol