Mya Talks Hair on L4L!

Mya Talks Hair on L4L!

Mýa Talks Hair

mya talks hair

Today’s interview features Grammy award winning R & B songstress Mýa!  I remember falling in love with Mýa’s dance moves in the video for her very first mainstream single with Sisqo, “It’s All About Me.”  She wore her hair in several styles ranging from straight to wavy and curly…and how about that awesome bun style in the video?

Throughout her career, Mýa kept her signature long tresses and continued to rock it various ways.  I reached out to Mýa’s team and although we weren’t able to schedule time for a full interview I was able to do a short Q & A regarding her haircare.  Check out my interview as Mya talks hair below!

Mya Talks Hair

L4L:  Growing up, how did you wear your hair? 
Mýa:  I usually wore my hair natural. Either in braids, buns, out or in a ponytail.

L4L:  Who taught you about caring for curly hair?
Mýa:  Growing up, no one really taught me at all about curly hair! It can get real complicated. I got teased so much about my wild hair, I often got frustrated at my mom for not knowing what to do with it.  It wasn’t until I got my first job at 14 that I started buying everything hair related to figure out what worked for my texture through experimentation.  I’m talkin’ gels, mouse, grease, oil sheen, hair spray, conditioner, brushes, sturdy combs, the whole nine! (laughs).

  Mýa talks hair  Mya Talks Hair

L4L:  Have you ever had your hair relaxed (permed) straight?
Mýa:  I have gotten a texturizer to loosen my curl.

mya talks hair

L4L: How do you prefer wearing your hair, curly or straight?
Mýa:  Hmm, well let’s see…in the spring & summer I prefer to wear my hair curly because of heat & humidity.  In the fall & winter months, I prefer to wear it straight avoid any wash & go dampness.

Mýa Talks Hair

L4L:  Do you have a specific regimen – any favorite products?
Mýa:  I give myself deep conditioning treatments every 2 weeks!  My favorite products are by Votre Vu.

I had never heard of Votre Vu hair products but you can find more information here.

mya talks hair

L4L:  While you were on Dancing with the Stars, between the rehearsals and performances, how were you able to keep your hair healthy?
Mýa:  With lots of heat styling involved in the performance process, after each wash I’d give my hair a 20 minute conditioning mask treatment and locked in moisture with a shower cap, then rinse.

mya talks hair

L4L:  In addition to rocking your natural hair, we’ve seen you wearing a lot of gorgeous long ponytails using extensions.  How did you evolve into rocking that style?
Mýa:  At that particular time I was independently promoting a song called “Ponytail” but I have to say the pony is the quickest, easiest, sexiest do it yourself with a non-fail factor hair-do in any climate. (laughs)

L4L:  What are your favorite resources for healthy hair care information?
Mýa:  James Cornwell is a great hair care specialist in the Washington, DC area that keeps me hip to healthy products & up to par with proper hair care as a whole. (Mya is a native to Washington DC)

L4L:  Do you have any upcoming projects fans can be on the lookout for?
Mýa:  You can check out my latest independent video for “Mr. Incredible” from my K.I.S.S. album on  I’m also @missmya on twitter.

mya talks hair

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  • loica12

    I love her sooo much!!! I just checked Votre Vu website and I’m such a product junkie that I would want to try them. But I wish I could find a review about that line because 20$ for a shampoo… not so sure!!!

  • I love her hair. It is beautiful.

  • Lisa

    Good questions! you really used the limited time well!
    What does her natural hair look like without, extentions, curled straightening etc? Do you have any idea?

    • I really don’t know to be honest, I “think” the first second and third pictures are all her naturally but I can’t say for sure. Thank you so much!

  • Special K

    Great Interview Ebony!

  • O my GOD- the trigrammaton of Mary- Mya
    Founders quiz- Sisquo
    Tetragrammaton = four letter name of God
    Trigrammaton = three letter name of God
    The Virgin God has begoth a son in Jesus
    But what about the femanine, turned back from at MERI-bah Moses, or is that a whole bunch of bah-humbug (hohoho)

  • April

    Great interview!