Nail Polish Haul & No Buy Polish Challenge

Nail Polish Haul & No Buy Polish Challenge


nail polish haul

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I have a slight nail polish addiction.  Nothing alarming…but those in my life who aren’t bloggers and have never seen a nail polish collection on YouTube often react to my lil’ ole 125 or so bottles like I’ve literally lost every ounce of sense in my head!  If I had a dollar for every time my grandmother has said “You only have 10 fingers!” or “You can only wear one color at a time!”  (which clearly is not true) then I would be a rich woman.  I’ve felt my addiction was justified because I love doing my own nails and of course I’m saving money by buying my own polishes, right?  Well – as true as that may be 😉 – there comes a point and time when a woman has to cut herself off to prevent going off the extreme deep end.  And I am at that point.  NO MORE POLISH PURCHASES!  Once I got to the point that I have polishes in the double digits that I haven’t worn yet – I realized I may have a slight problem.  Slight.  And I don’t wanna be a hoarder so, as of February first, I am challenging myself not to buy nary a new polish until I’ve worn every single polish in my collection!  You heard me right, before I buy any more polishes I must use each of the ones I already own!  I don’t care what the new collection is, what new finishes are invented, how much of a deal I got (because we know I rarely pay full price) I will not purchase any polishes until each in my collection has been used.  I don’t have a time frame, I’m not going to say “until all my polishes are used or 6 months, whichever comes first.”  Nope!  No cheating!  I’m excited and definitely feel up for the challenge and I think it will help me to enjoy the nail polish collection I’ve already amassed!

Now with that being said, the last month or so I’ve been on a bit of a buying frenzy, so I share my nail polish haul with you below and put you up on how I got over ten bottles of polish for around $25, including Julep, Sephora by OPI and Julie G brands.  Yep you heard right, check it out!

And now for this week’s Manicure Monday link up with LA Lynns and Lipgloss & Binky, allow me to show off my Shellac (soak off gel) mani that I had done for $17 via Groupon!  I love shellac…until my nails grow out a bit and the edges feel like they are pulling at my precious strands! But it sure is a pretty neutral color, no?

Nail Polish Haul
Shellac Manicure

Well, that’s it!  My nail polish haul and personal challenge.  Anybody wanna come on this ride with me?